5 Freeze-dried Additions to Your Birthday Party’s Candy Table That Will Blow Your Guests Minds

5 Freeze-dried Additions to Your Birthday Party’s Candy Table That Will Blow Your Guests Minds

Freeze-dried candy is a delicious treat that has recently achieved exploded in popularity, as well as continually trending over social media. The freeze-drying process involves freezing candy at low temperatures, then exposing it to high temperatures and low pressure, evaporating the water, and concentrating the flavour molecules in the candy. Therefore, freeze-dried candy is much lighter and more flavourful than ordinary candy. Here at That Sweet Lyfe, we are constantly experimenting with introducing our customers to new freeze-dried treats, many of which are perfect additions to any birthday party. 

Flavourful Ingredients 

Candies are a delicious addition to any birthday cake. However, these delicious additions can often be lost in all the different flavours of the baking and end up tasting a bit underwhelming. Freeze-dried candies, however, are sweeter and more flavourful than normal ones, making them a perfect ingredient in baking. 

Freeze-dried chocolate bars are a perfect ingredient in any cake, but sugary, gelatin-containing treats should only be added to cheesecake and ice cream cake. This is because sugary candies such as gummies and Skittles will likely melt in the oven, but freeze-dried chocolate bars are crunchy and sweet bite-sized additions that will hold out under the intense heat and leave you with a delicious cake with pops of delicious flavour. 

Cake Decorations 

No cake is complete without some delicious decorations. Why not add some exciting freeze-dried decorations alongside your icing swirls? Freeze-dried toppings can turn a plain store-bought or homemade cake into a unique, enjoyable delicacy. Luckily, because cake decorations are added after baking, you can decorate with any kind of freeze-dried treat you desire. Freeze-dried Skittles, candy bark, chocolate bars, and gummies are not only deliciously flavourful and crunchy but they can also easily be broken up and arranged in fun patterns and designs guaranteed to amaze both the birthday kid and their guests.

Ice Cream Toppings

Not everyone loves cake, and that’s okay! Freeze-dried candies are also a delicious addition to ice cream and sundaes. You can even set up a sundae toppings bar with freeze-dried candy as the star of the show! 

Prizes for Games

Freeze-dried candies are an exciting incentive to get your guests to participate in the birthday festivities! You can use our freeze-dried candy bags as prizes for the winners of your party games or divide them up to make more prizes. They can also be wrapped up individually and put into a pinata or hidden as part of a scavenger hunt. Our resealable bags also allow you to store any extras you may wish to keep for yourself or use as extra toppings to your birthday cake! 

Party Favours 

Why not show your appreciation for your guests with something unique? After introducing your guests to the delicious world of freeze-dried candies, gift them a selection of their favourite treats to thank them for supporting your child on their special day. That Sweet Lyfe offers a variety of prepackaged, ready-to-gift candies in our online shop, with new products constantly being added to our selection! 

Our products come prepackaged, so they are easily giftable. However, if you wish to mix and match your candies into adorable gift boxes, you can rest easy knowing that the low moisture content of the candy means that they won’t go stale or mouldy before they make it to your guests. 

Make Your Birthday Party A Memorable Event!

We hope you’ll choose That Sweet Lyfe to make your special day even more special with some exciting new treats! Check out our current selection of freeze-dried treats and start your next birthday party!
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