5 Reasons Why Freeze Dried Candy is the Future of Snacks

5 Reasons Why Freeze Dried Candy is the Future of Snacks

Knock knock! The future is here! And freeze-dried candy is here with it. 

In recent years, freeze-dried candy has taken over the snack world and it is here to stay. Want to know why? In this blog, we’ll share the top 5 reasons why freeze-dried candy is the future of snacking, so keep reading to find out. 

#1: Longer Shelf Life 

Did you know that freeze-drying can extend the shelf life of your food by up to 25 years? We know – it sounds impossible, but it’s true! 

Freeze drying works by removing the water content from food, and bacteria and mold depend on water to grow. So, without the water, these pests aren’t able to grow and spoil your food. This means you can preserve candy, fruits and vegetables, and even whole meals for years without having to worry about them going bad. This makes it a much more popular alternative to other food preservation methods like dehydration, which can preserve food for up to a year, on average. 

#2: Healthier Snacking 

Another big reason why freeze-dried products are the future of snacking is because of how many healthy options there are! A healthy diet is a balanced diet, and you can freeze-dry anything from candy to fruit, so freeze-drying can fulfill every part of your balanced lifestyle. Plus, freeze-drying retains around 97% of the original nutritional value of the food, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important vitamins or minerals in the process. 

Plus, since freeze-drying transforms the taste and texture of your food, you’ll find yourself satisfied much sooner. Normally, you might need to eat a whole bag of your favourite candy. But with freeze-dried candy, your sweet tooth will be satisfied after just a couple handfuls. If you’re trying to cut back on how much candy you eat, try swapping normal candy for freeze-dried candy. You’ll still get to munch on your favourite treats, but in moderation. 

#3: Transportable 

Another reason why freeze-dried candy is the future of snacking is because of how transportable freeze-dried products are! When you freeze-dry food, it removes almost all the water content, which means a lot of the weight is removed too.

This makes it perfect for more adventurous folks. The next time you’re packing to go camping or hiking, try packing freeze-dried snacks instead. They’re super lightweight, so you can carry them for miles without breaking your back. Freeze-dried food isn’t just the future of snacking – it’s the future of adventure too! 

#4: Variety 

One of the best parts about freeze-drying is that you can freeze-dry virtually anything. From candy to fruit to vegetables to entire meals, there are almost endless possibilities. 

That’s one reason why freeze-dried products are the future of snacking. From salty to sweet, or from a healthy snack to a treat, freeze-drying can do it all. 

#5: It’s Delicious!

The last reason why freeze-dried candy is the future of snacking is that it is quite simply delicious. When you freeze-dry candy, it completely transforms the texture. Chewy candies become crunchy. Hard candies become airy. Plus, some candies become even sweeter during the freeze-drying process! 

Even our favourite candies can get a bit boring after a while. But with freeze-drying, you have instant access to a completely new snacking experience. Trust us when we say, once you taste freeze-dried candy, you’ll be hooked! 

If you’re ready to join us in the future of snacking, be sure to try freeze-dried candy today. Check out That Sweet Lyfe’s product pages to order your first batch – from candies to naturals, we have it all!
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