Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Freeze Dried Food

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Freeze Dried Food


In today’s world of instant information, instant answers, and instant gratification, everyone is always searching for the next best thing that will instantly bring them joy. At That Sweet Lyfe, we can shamelessly say our innovative freeze-dried foods will do exactly that! 


While we’re not saying our flavour-packed products will solve all your problems, we are confident they can make even your most mundane moments feel exhilarating, which is a great start! Plus, we can freeze dry ice cream. What’s not to love?

Why the Hype About Freeze Drying Food? 

There are many reasons that Sweet Lyfe freeze dried fruits, candies, and desserts should be on your shopping list, but besides the typical “frozen foods last longer” fact, here are a few amazing things you probably didn’t know about freeze dried foods!  

It Tastes Better than Dehydrated Food

Imagine dehydrated banana chips, a classic dried fruit snack, but with a delicious twist; freeze-dried banana chips contain a burst of authentic banana flavour that will make your tastebuds jump for joy! 

A typical dehydrated product can still contain up to 20% more moisture content than one that has been freeze dried, which means the original flavour of the dehydrated fruit, candy, or dessert can become diluted and less potent than when the product was fresh. 

So, imagine that incredible flavour boost you get from a fresh snack locked into a purposefully freeze dried delicacy without sacrificing that great taste! You can happily take your favourite treats wherever you go, guaranteeing that every bite will take you on a delicious snack adventure. 

It’s the Go-To for Astronauts, World Travellers, & Campers Alike!

Speaking of adventures, did you know that some of the world’s most experienced astronauts, seasoned world travellers, and camping enthusiasts rely on freeze dried candy, fruits, and vegetables to keep their bodies nourished under the most extreme conditions? 

While throwing a product in the freezer can add water to the food when thawed, the freeze drying process removes water, making the food light and easy to store, pack, or carry. When bringing healthy treats on your favourite excursions, efficient food storage is key, whether heading to the mountains or flying to the moon! 

That Sweet Lyfe products are redefining how folks preserve food, offering a light, compact, and flavourful food storage solution by using a high-powered vacuum to suck the moisture content out of your favourite candies, naturals, and even desserts. Thrill seekers, outdoors enthusiasts, and travel buffs swear by freeze dried foods thanks to their crazy long shelf life that preserves nutrients and flavour while saving space in the pantry, the backpack, and the carry-on. 

You Can Freeze Dry Almost Anything - Including Ice Cream!

We’ve mentioned why travellers, campers, and even astronauts love freeze dried naturals, candies, and desserts, but did you know that freeze dryers can also preserve heartier meals that contain vegetables and even meats? That’s why so many adventurers always have these products in their packs. 

Fruits, meats, vegetables, and virtually anything else (with a few exceptions, of course) can be put in our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer to lock in all those delicious flavours and healthy nutrients! Could there be a more convenient level-up for your food packing routine? 

Because of the way our high-powered vacuum chamber is designed to turn water and other liquid solvents into vapour, whatever is preserved this way rehydrates faster than dehydrated food and retains its original shape, flavour, colour, and texture.

Let’s talk about desserts, though, because, let’s be real, there is nothing more rewarding than a tasty treat after a long day. It might be hard to believe, but did you know that you can even put ice cream in a freeze dryer? Imagine enjoying a bowl of freeze dried ice cream sandwiches on a hot day. Yes, please!

Time to Take Your Snack Experience to the Next Level 

Now that you know some of the most amazing facts about freeze dried candy, desserts, and naturals, it’s time to pack your pantry with the goods! Turn your ordinary snack inventory into an extraordinary snacking experience with That Sweet Lyfe freeze dried treats, ready and waiting for you.

Whether you want to infuse your water with nutritious fruits and veggies, indulge in a late-night dessert, or treat the kiddos to some flavour-packed candy after soccer practice, That Sweet Lyfe freeze dried eats are made with your cravings and convenience in mind! 

We are proud to produce delicious and nutritious preserved products that you can keep stocked in your pantry for months at a time. Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about how we are revolutionizing the snacking industry!  

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