Astronauts Are Freeze-Drying Their Meals: Space Food!

Astronauts Are Freeze-Drying Their Meals: Space Food!

Do you remember when you were a little kid, and the thought of outer space was absolutely CRAZY, dare I say … OUT OF THIS WORLD! (We apologize for that one, it was right there).


Anyways, I think most of us wanted to be an astronaut at one point or another throughout our childhoods –  we sure did here at that sweet lyfe! And, as we saw videos, TV episodes or other media of astronauts in space, floating around in zero gravity, we would wonder: How and what do astronauts even eat?


For a long time, astronauts were eating those gross squeezable meals from tubes, but not so much anymore thanks to a dehydrating method that is all the rage right now …




The process of freeze-drying is becoming more-and-more well-known across the globe. But, did you know that freeze-drying is even more popular out of this world? That’s right, astronauts have been freeze-drying their food for a while now – it is referred to as space food.


There’s no wonder why space food is a big hit, let’s look at some of the freeze-drying benefits.


The Benefits of Freeze-Drying Include:

-    A longer shelf-life for your food.

-    A higher variety of food.

-    Easy storing of food.

-   Better tasting food.


The Benefits of Freeze-Drying Further Explained

A longer shelf-life for your food.

Foods that have been freeze-dried can last for 25 years if stored correctly!


A higher variety of food.

The variety of food that can be freeze-dried gives astronauts even more meal options. You can pretty much freeze-dry anything from fruits to fully prepared meals such as pizza!


Easy storing of food.

It is easy to store freeze-dried astronaut food because the water has been removed from it, therefore it will not go bad for a lot longer. And, you do not need to keep freeze-dried food in a fridge, on ice, or anything like that.


Better tasting food.

No more gross squeezable tube meals! You can basically have a similar diet to what we have on Earth when you are in space, all thanks to freeze-drying!


Freeze-drying your food just makes sense, especially in a gravity-less environment such as outer space.An acclaimed freeze-dried astronaut food is astronaut ice cream, also known as space ice cream.

You can live out your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut by freeze-drying your next ice cream cone! It may not be as exciting as landing on the moon, but hey, it’s a start!

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