Freeze-Dried Candy for a Long-Lasting Treat: How Long Does It Last?

Freeze-Dried Candy for a Long-Lasting Treat: How Long Does It Last?

Why not try freeze-dried candy if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to satisfy your sweet tooth? With its signature fluff and crunch, freeze-dried candy is a unique candy experience for everyone. As an added bonus, freeze-dried food is exceptionally long-lasting, which is why it is popular with campers and is sometimes known as astronaut food. By nature, freeze-dried food and candy are all about adventure!

What Is Freeze-Dried Candy?

That Sweet Lyfe’s freeze-dried candy is made from various candies, fruits and desserts by freezing them at an extremely cold temperature. While still frozen, a strong vacuum sucks all the remaining moisture from the food. This process changes the moisture from a frozen solid to a vapour without passing through the liquid phase. The technical term is sublimation. Many delicious food products can be dried with a vacuum more than once to create longer-lasting food.

Why Choose Freeze-Drying?

Freeze drying is a low-energy process that comes with many perks and creates unparalleled preservation effects. When you freeze-dry candy, it has a longer shelf life and provides more buying options since you can freeze-dry almost anything! It also creates a unique and exciting texture with amazing bursts of flavour.

What Makes It Last?

The removal of moisture from freeze-dried products is the main reason behind their long-lasting nature. Despite the water removal, the taste of the candy remains intact (which is not the case with some other dehydrating processes). As a matter of fact, all the nutritional value of the products is preserved too, which is one of the reasons why campers and astronauts utilize this process so much. The only thing that changes is the texture of the candy. It usually becomes crunchy, light, and fluffy, no matter how chewy the original candy is.

How Long Does it Last?

Freeze-dried candy will still be bursting with vibrant flavour for up to twenty-five years, and no, that is not a typo! So if you don’t devour it all right away and forget about it in your pantry for a few years (or decades), these long-lasting treats will still be waiting for you and as good as new—no more stale, hardened, forgotten candy in your cupboards.  

We should note that this long shelf life only remains true as long as your candy is well-stored. The twenty-five-year shelf life is achievable, but only when you store the candy in an air-tight container to keep all moisture out. Otherwise, we recommend eating your treats within three or four months of purchase and, once opened, within a week. If you let your candy sit unsealed for too long, you risk it losing its signature crunchy texture.

Long-Lasting Freeze-Dried Candy Near You

For a new adventure in sweet treats, try That Sweet Lyfe’s freeze-dried candy! Dried and preserved to perfection, our products boast an extra puffy and crunchy texture with a mind-blowing flavour that lasts for years. Enjoy your favourite candies in a new and exciting way without compromising taste, and feel free to savour your treats for as long as you’d like (or devour them right away and come back for more)! Explore our products to start your sweet taste and texture adventure today.
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