Freeze-Dried Candy: The Food of the Future

Freeze-Dried Candy: The Food of the Future

Have you tried freeze-dried candy? If you have, you’ll know that it tastes amazing, but do you know that it can last for up to 25 years? That certainly is a fun fact, but who wants to keep their candy around for that long? 

Apart from the great taste of freeze-dried foods, many practical benefits of freeze-drying add to its appeal. Let’s find out more. 

You Can Pretty Much Freeze Dry Any Food 

Did you know that astronauts have been freeze-drying their food for years? They actually call it space food, and it works well in space because of the longer shelf life and lighter weight upon the space shuttles. You can also freeze-dry many types of food, including meat, fish, chicken, cooked pasta, fruit, and even scrambled eggs, so astronauts benefit from the variety.

Freeze-Dried Foods Keep Well Without Refrigeration

Who doesn’t love to go camping in the Summer? From sleeping under the stars to swimming in lakes and hiking up mountains, there is so much to enjoy. How about adding a gourmet food experience with freeze-dried foods? When packaged properly, freeze-dried foods don’t require refrigeration, so they are easy to transport. 

Freeze-Dried Foods Last a Long Time

When you prepare an emergency kit, you’ll want to include the basics, such as food and water. Canned food lasts for several years, so we often include them in our kits, but what happens when you get tired of eating canned fish and beans? Freeze-dried food sources can last up to 25 years, so they are perfect for adding to your kit. 

Freeze-Dried Foods Retain Their Nutrients

Do you have a hard time getting your child to eat their fruits and vegetables? If that’s the case, we’re sure your child will love our freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products. One of the best things about the freeze-drying process is that freeze-dried plant-based products maintain a very high level of nutrients, so you can be sure your child is getting the vitamins and minerals they need. 

The Benefits of Freeze-Drying Food For the Future

Freeze-dried foods have become very popular in recent years, and the market is expected to grow as customer demand for these non-perishable items increases. 

Uncertain Conditions

Much of this growth was sparked by the Covid 19 pandemic, where people looked for food items that could be stored for longer to avoid frequent visits to the grocery store. 

Healthier Snacks

Due to the ease of storage and transportation, you can eat freeze-dried foods on the go. As people become busier in their daily routines, freeze-dried foods provide a much more convenient and healthier alternative to stopping at a fast-food restaurant. 

How to Freeze Dry Your Food at Home

While a freeze-drying machine offers a convenient way to preserve your food, you can also try freeze-drying your food at home using dry ice. You can start small by using your favourite candy and work your way up to freeze-drying an entire meal!

  1. Put the food in a freezer bag and place it in your deep freezer
  2. Once it is frozen, immerse it in a cooler bag full of dry ice
  3. Leave it in there for at least 48 hours
  4. Package it well, and it will last for years

How Does Freeze-Dried Food Taste?

One of the main benefits of freeze-drying is that the food retains much of its original flavour. In some cases, such as with candy and fruit, the taste is more intense and completely satisfying. 

Are You Curious About Trying Some Freeze Dried Food?

If all of this talk about freeze-dried food has you curious, you might like to try our products. We have a selection of freeze-dried candies, desserts, and fruits that are waiting to be delivered to your doorstep.
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