Freeze-Dried Grapefruit: A Bittersweet Experiment

Freeze-Dried Grapefruit: A Bittersweet Experiment

Oh, grapefruit. That bitter but sweet fruit that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Yes, including us.


Grapefruit is a very popular fruit, especially for breakfast. Alongside our pancakes or eggs, we love to add in a grapefruit sprinkled with some sugar to start off our day with a serving of fruit.


People love including grapefruit in their diet because of all its health benefits. It’s become a sort of staple addition to breakfast for people trying to improve their health for decades now, and for good reason. It’s rich in antioxidants, fiber, and helps your immune system and heart health. Plus, it’s pink and pretty (big perk, we know!)


Grapefruit is actually a hybrid fruit, a naturally occurring cross between the sweet orange and pomelo. It originated in Barbados and now, is a popular and healthy breakfast fruit all across the world.


Grapefruits are typically in season from November to April. That’s when they’ll taste best. So what do we do in times like now, when they’re not in season? Well, we love to turn to canned grapefruit!


Some people think that canned fruits aren’t as healthy as fresh fruit. But that’s simply not the case! Canned grapefruits still provide you with fibre, vitamins, and nutrients and, as a bonus, you might even save a few bucks at the same time. We love snacking on canned grapefruit slices whenever we need a sweet and healthy pick-me-up.


But we wanted to see if we could make them even better, so we tried freeze-drying them! So, how well does canned grapefruit freeze-dry? Well, we put it to the test and we’re going to break it all down for you. 


When we freeze-dried the grapefruit, they turned out incredibly dry and crispy. If you read last week’s blog on Mandarin oranges, you’ll know what we’re talking about, as the grapefruit slices were pretty similar. They essentially turned to a powder in our mouths when we bit into them.

Worst of all, the grapefruit pieces lost almost all their flavour when we freeze-dried them. If we had to choose between the freeze-dried Mandarin oranges from last week’s blog and the freeze-dried grapefruit slices, we’d pick the Mandarin oranges.


Or better yet, we’d choose to stick with the original canned grapefruit slices. Grapefruit has such a perfect, sweet yet bitter taste, which was lost in the freeze-drying process. Overall, we weren’t a fan. Our rating: 1 star.


Even though the freeze-drying didn’t work out, canned grapefruit will still be a true staple in our diets (because #health, you know?)

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