Why Everyone Needs to Try Freeze Dried Gummy Candy At Least Once!

Why Everyone Needs to Try Freeze Dried Gummy Candy At Least Once!

Have you ever eaten your favourite candy too many times and found the taste has now become boring? Well, we have good news for you! Freeze dried candy turns the mundane into the exciting by allowing you to experience your favourite candy in a unique new way!

Experience the Unique Texture of Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze dried gummy candies provide a unique texture unlike any other! Chewy gummies suddenly become light and crunchy while still bursting with that sweet, sweet flavour you know and love.

Kids and Adults Love Freeze Dried Candy

Not only is That Sweet Lyfe candy delicious, but it also stimulates the imagination! Freeze dried candy sends kids off on a tasty adventure in which they can imagine themselves as an astronaut enjoying freeze dried candy in space. 

But our candy isn’t just for kids to enjoy. These fun twists on classic favourites burst through the monotony of everyday life. Plus, these treats don’t expire, so if our candy gets lost in the back of your cupboard, it’ll still have the same great taste when you find it again (though we doubt it will last that long!)

Our Top Candy Recommendations

Sometimes chewy candy is less than ideal. It’s sticky, gets stuck to your teeth, and can hurt your jaw from intense chewing. So what do you do when you’re fed up with chewy gummies, but you’re still craving something sweet? You try That Sweet Lyfe’s freeze dried candy! Listed below are some of our must-try freeze dried candies!

Skittles: Love the taste of Skittles but don’t love the chewiness? In that case, freeze dried Skittles are perfect for you! Once dried, the Skittles become crunchy rather than chewy, but they still pack the same fantastic flavour.

Hi-Chews: Experience the smooth taste of Hi-Chews like never before as these freeze dried gummy candies melt in your mouth. Though the colour of the dried candy is not as intense as the regular candy, the flavour is anything but dull!

Starbursts: Imagine popping a freeze dried Starburst into your mouth and experiencing the airy crunch unique to freeze dried candy while an intensely fruity Starburst flavour floods your mouth. That’s a taste adventure you can’t pass up!

Nerd Clusters: Our freeze dried Nerd Clusters contain all the flavour of regular clusters, but without the chewiness, making for an unforgettably fun tasting experience!

Jolly Ranchers: Normally, Jolly Ranchers come in the form of hard candy, but freeze drying them makes them so airy and crunchy that if it weren’t for their signature taste, you wouldn’t recognize them!

Try Your Favourite Freeze Dried Gummy Candies

Are you ready to say goodbye to mundanity by saying hello to freeze dried gummy candies? If so, That Sweet Lyfe is here for you! Order your favourite candies today and prepare to experience a new realm of sweetness.


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