Jelly Beans: The Perfect Sugar Fix

Jelly Beans: The Perfect Sugar Fix

You probably remember playing a game of “Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Jar” as a kid. This game is a tried and true favourite. We can’t count the number of times we’ve played it throughout our lives.


It’s no wonder jelly beans are the treat of choice for games like this. They’re tiny little bean shaped candies, that are basically pure sugar (our favourite). They’re the candy we grew up with, but like a childhood best friend, we still keep them close to this day. They really are the perfect sugar fix – they’re quick, easy to eat, and super yummy.


People aren’t sure exactly when jelly beans were originally invented. But ads first started appearing in Boston in 1861, when William Schrafft put up ads that encouraged people to send jelly beans as a gift to soldiers fighting in the Civil War. In the 1930’s, they also became a hit during Easter time. Since they look like tiny little eggs, people started to eat them to celebrate this holiday. But whether they were sending them as gifts to soldiers or munching on them at Easter dinner, there’s no denying that jelly beans are a truly beloved family-friendly treat. They’ve been around since the early 1900’s, and are a popular choice of candy to this day.


We know we love them! They’re tiny little bites of sweetness, and come in so many flavours, we can’t even begin to count. There’s been many variations of this treat throughout the years, and it seems like each year, new flavours and twists on the original beans keep popping up.


Since we snack on jelly beans so often, we wanted to see if our handy dandy freeze-dryer would do anything for them. We put the jelly beans in our freeze-dryer to see if we could shake things up a bit, and we’re here to give you our full and honest review of the process.


Honestly, these didn’t work… at all. The hard jell centers and waxy coating didn’t really change in the freeze drier. They basically came out exactly the same, so the whole process was a bit of a waste. Our rating? 0 stars. Save yourself the time and stick to the original jelly beans – it’s pretty much the same thing.


Even though the freeze-drying didn’t work, jelly beans will always be a lifelong favourite treat of ours! They’re sweet, chewy, and with so many different flavours and variations on these candies, we don’t think we’ll ever get bored of them. 

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