Jolly Ranchers: A Jolly Good Treat!

Jolly Ranchers: A Jolly Good Treat!

How many candy companies do you know that also come in lip-gloss form? Probably, not many. That is, of course, except for Jolly Ranchers! These sweet, sometimes sour, hard candies have become a staple part of every candy-lover’s diet.


These candies were invented by a couple, Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, in Colorado, all the way back in 1949. They sold quite a few different candies, but the hard Jolly Ranchers were the ones to capture the hearts (and taste buds) of their customers.


The couple sold their company, which was sold again, and eventually ended up being bought by The Hershey Company in 1996. Nowadays, you can enjoy the taste of Jolly Ranchers in all different forms – soft candies, gummies, lollipops, and, of course, lip gloss! All you have to do is lick your lips to get a taste of your favourite candy (don’t you love modern science?)


But nothing really beats the taste of the original hard candies. Coming in a range of flavours like blue raspberry and grape, these hard candies are the perfect treat to suck on while you go about your day.


Since Jolly Ranchers are a true ‘go-to’ candy for us, we wanted to put these candies to the test and freeze-dry them. And as always, we’re here to give you our honest review.


So, without further ado, did we like the freeze-dried Jolly Ranchers? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Our rating: 5 stars!


Freeze-drying Jolly Ranchers was a crazy cool process. What started out as a tiny little candy puffed up to almost the size of a golf ball! The freeze-dried Jolly Ranchers were these giant, crisp airy bites. We sort of felt like cool scientists cooking up a whole new treat. They were just as flavourful as the original version, but in a whole new shape and size.


So, which is better – the original Jolly Ranchers or the freeze-dried version? Though we can’t deny our love for the original treat, the freeze-dried version is a) super fun and b) much easier to eat. With original Jolly Ranchers, you have to be pretty patient and suck on the candy for a while (unless you want to bite into it and risk breaking a tooth). But with the freeze-dried version, you get a quick, easy bite of sugary, flavourful tastiness.


Both options are great, but we definitely recommend trying the freeze-dried version to shake things up a bit! We literally said “yum!” out loud, and you will too.

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