Freeze-Dried Limes: The Ingredient for a Perfect Summer

Freeze-Dried Limes: The Ingredient for a Perfect Summer

In these cold winter months, we can’t help but start counting down the days until summer. Beach trips, backyard barbeques, and sitting on a patio with a nice cold Corona – ah, pure bliss. There really isn’t anything else like sipping on a cold Corona with a lime as you bask in the summer sun, or chugging back infused water to stay hydrated in the heat. In our world, limes have become synonymous with summer fun.


Limes have been around for thousands of years, literally. They originated in Southeast Asia, and quickly spread throughout the world, first to Polynesia between 3000 and 1500 B.C., then to the Middle East and Mediterranean, and nowadays, you can find them in every grocery store around the world.


They were widely used by British sailors in the 19th century. Scurvy was a common issue for those who spent time at sea, and they took to eating lemons and limes to get in their vitamin C and stay healthy. Did you know this is where the term “Limey” comes from?


We may not be sailors, but we love limes just as much! We put them to use all the time. We try our best to be healthy, so drinking lots of water is a definite must. But sometimes, plain old water can get boring, so we love popping in a slice of lime to add a bit of flavour. But balance is key, of course, so we also love a nice fresh Corona every now and then, and adding a slice of lime is practically mandatory. Nothing says summer like an ice-cold Corona and lime.


Since we love experimenting, we decided to see how well our favourite citrus fruit would freeze-dry, and we’re here to let you know all the details.


Freeze-drying the limes turned them into these crunchy and fabulous little bites! They were almost lighter than you can even imagine a food would be. This experiment was a huge success. Our rating? 5 stars!


So which do we prefer – the original lime slices, or freeze-dried limes? Though nobody can deny that a nice fresh lime hits the spot every time, these freeze-dried limes are perfect. They’re great for popping into your water to add a little pizzaz, and amazing to pop into a Corona for that lime-taste. Plus, it saves you having to pack and cut fresh limes when you want to head to the beach.


This freeze-drying experiment made us super nostalgic for summer. Try these out and remember this tip as you plan your upcoming summer adventures. Freeze-dried limes are a definite must. We’ll be sipping on them every day!

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