A Toast to Toasted Marshmallows

A Toast to Toasted Marshmallows

Is there anything better than summer nights spent huddled around a campfire with your friends and family, toasting gooey marshmallows on the fire? Many of our best summer nights have been spent like this. In our opinion, bonfires are one of the most relaxing (and pretty) ways to spend time with your loved ones, and adding a yummy treat like toasted marshmallows makes it even more perfect.


But we’re not the only ones. In fact, nowadays, Americans purchase almost 90 million pounds of these gooey treats every year! Whether you’re toasting them by the fire in the summer months, or adding them to your hot chocolate in winter for those holiday vibes, people can’t seem to get enough of marshmallows.


This is probably why they’ve stuck around for so long. Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians ate marshmallows all the way back in 2000 B.C.? They were made from the mallow plant, but they probably didn’t look like the marshmallows we know and love today. That took time to develop. In the 1800’s, the French started to hand-whip marshmallows, so it was still a pretty slow process. They swapped the mallow plant for gelatin and started to refine their processing system. When marshmallows came to the United States in the 1900’s, they eventually came up with an easy, automated system to produce marshmallows and since the 1950’s, they’ve been a true staple treat.


We love eating marshmallows, no matter the time of year, but nothing really beats a marshmallow toasted over the fire in the summer months. That’s why we decided to try freeze-drying our toasted marshmallows! We wanted to try to preserve the taste of the toasted treats, to last us throughout the fall. And as always, we’re here to give you our honest review of the freeze-dried marshmallows.


Freeze-drying the toasted marshmallows was a huge success! The big fluffy treats turned into the texture of a Lucky Charm, but still retained the same flavour. Eating them felt like eating a perfectly preserved bite of summer memories. Our rating? 5 stars!


We’ll never stop eating the original toasted marshmallows. We can’t seem to get enough of those warm, golden fluffs right off the stick. But if you love toasted marshmallows as much as us and are looking for a way to get your fix as the weather gets colder, these freeze-dried marshmallows are a fun new treat to keep on hand.


No matter what form you eat them in, toasted marshmallows will always be the perfect way to remember your summer.

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