Freeze-Dried Strawberry Marshmallows: They’ll Make You Gasp!

Freeze-Dried Strawberry Marshmallows: They’ll Make You Gasp!

Have you heard of strawberry marshmallows? You know – the small, red, sugar-coated marshmallows? If not, you need to read this blog – one taste of these treats and you’ll never look back!


Strawberry marshmallows are a variation of the original marshmallows, which have been around for thousands of years. Literally – a variation of marshmallows was being eaten in Ancient Egypt, and they’ve stuck around ever since! They seem to just keep getting better as the years go on.


One variation we can’t get enough of are strawberry marshmallows. Strawberry marshmallows, though, aren’t your typical marshmallow. They’re also made of gelatin, but add strawberry flavour and a sugar coating to spice things up a bit. They’re smooth on the inside, but the sugar on the outside gives them a really nice crunch. Yummy, we know! If you ever get tired of plain old marshmallows, you have to give these candies a try. It’s a whole new experience!


We love these sugary treats. They’re the perfect year-round snack. They’re perfect to keep in a jar or a bag around your kitchen or office, so you can grab a handful before leaving or while working to give you that mid-day sugar rush we all need. Sometimes, coffee just doesn’t cut it, and we love these treats as a nice pick-me-up.


When we first started conducting our freeze-drier experiments, we knew we needed to put these strawberry marshmallows to the test. Is it even possible to make these treats yummier? We wanted to find out, and we’re here to give you our honest review.


The freeze-dried strawberry marshmallows were (drum roll please) absolutely FABULOUS! When we put these into the freeze-drier, they came out with the texture of a Lucky Charm. We almost couldn’t believe it when we tasted them. We gasped! They were better than we could have ever imagined. Our rating? 6/5 stars! They broke our scale.


So, you might be wondering, which one would we choose if it came down to it – the original strawberry marshmallows, or the freeze-dried strawberry marshmallows? Honestly, we would 100% vote for the freeze-dried version. The texture was incredible, with all the flavour of the original version. This is our favourite experiment to date!


You absolutely need to try these freeze-dried strawberry marshmallows. They’ll give you chills! Let us know if you do try them – this is one of our trends you definitely need to jump on.

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