Is Freeze-Dried Candy a Healthier Alternative?

Is Freeze-Dried Candy a Healthier Alternative?

Here at That Sweet Lyfe, our health is really important to us. We like to make sure we’re eating our fruits and veggies, staying active, and always hydrating.


But, of course, balance is the key to any healthy lifestyle, so we also like to add in some candy every now and then. But we don’t mean regular candy – no, here at That Sweet Lyfe, we opt for freeze-dried candy instead.


If you’re like us and love to prioritize your health, you may be wondering if freeze-dried candy is a healthier alternative to regular candy. In this blog, we’re going to answer that exact question for you!


To put it simply, no. Freeze-dried candy is not healthier than regular candy. The freeze-drying process doesn’t really affect the nutritional value of your food, so you’re still getting the same amount of sugar as you would with the original version.


The main benefit of freeze-drying your candy comes from its preservation. Freeze-drying can extend the shelf-life of your candy up to 25 years! We prefer freeze-drying over other methods of food preservation like dehydration because freeze-drying doesn’t take away from the taste of the candy. Dehydrated candy often becomes dry and flavourless. But freeze-dried candy often turns out even sweeter than the original and lasts for years! 


Freeze-drying also changes the texture of your candy. This is what most people (including us) love about freeze-dried candy. For example, freeze-dried Skittles become crunchy instead of chewy. It’s a whole new experience! 


This may have a subconscious health benefit to it though. Gone are the days of coming home and mindlessly eating an entire bag (or five) of your favourite candy. Since freeze-drying transforms the texture of your candy, you’ll likely pay more mindful attention while eating it. Since you’ll be amazed by the texture, you’ll focus more on the act of eating, which means you’ll be able to recognize when you’re full more easily.


Plus, since some candies become sweeter after freeze-drying, freeze-dried candy may satisfy your sweet tooth more easily.


So, to sum it up, technically freeze-dried candy is not a healthier alternative to regular candy. But, given that it changes the texture and can enhance sweetness, you’ll probably find that it’s a much more satisfying experience than regular candy, which can help you achieve better balance.


But don’t just take our word for it. Try freeze-dried candy yourself! Browse our product page and order That Sweet Lyfe’s freeze-dried candy today.


Looking for a healthier alternative? Check out our naturals and B*tch Water infusions. These freeze-dried fruits and veggies will help you get in your healthy vitamins and stay hydrated all day long.

Health lovers, we’ve got your back! 

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