Three Interesting Freeze-Dried Foods

Three Interesting Freeze-Dried Foods

There are tons of different kinds of food you can freeze-dry. Most people think of the freeze-dried “moon food” that they find in grocery stores, such as freeze-dried cheese and ice cream. But did you know there are some foods you can freeze-dry that you probably never even thought about? Some interesting ones are coffee, organs, and bread.



First let’s talk about coffee! We all love some form of coffee in the morning. Some people like it cold and sweet and others like it warm and bitter. Whatever your preference is, it does not matter because you will love freeze-dried coffee too! Freeze-dried coffee is quick and easy. You can take it anywhere, due to it being so lightweight, and rehydrate it with cold or hot water or milk. 


The biggest advantage of freeze-drying coffee is the taste. The process is gentle and cold enough that it prevents aroma and colour deterioration (“Freeze Drying Coffee”). This allows for the coffee to have a better flavour profile once it has been rehydrated. Regular instant coffee is typically spray dried which includes too high of temperatures for the coffee to withstand. The excess heat destroys the chemical composition and aroma of the coffee making it taste more bitter and sometimes even burnt (“Freeze Drying Coffee”). 

Next time you need a quick fix of coffee, try out some freeze-dried coffee for an amazing and flavourful experience.



Next, let’s talk about something a little different. Freeze-dried organs! If you have a four-legged friend at home, you might just want to try this method out. As weird as it may seem, organs are an incredible treat to give your pet.


Freeze-dried organs, such as hearts and livers, are packed with nutrients and vitamins that your pets need. Hearts can be a leaner source of protein with iron, fatty acids, and vitamin A (“The Benefits”). Livers and kidneys are super high in protein, vitamin A, and fat while also having some vitamin B, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, copper, and iron (“The Benefits”).  The process ensures that these nutrients and vitamins are preserved in the final product. 


The food can be given to your pet as is or rehydrated. Make sure you are keeping your pets hydrated if they are consuming any freeze-dried food directly due to the lack of water in the food. Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet to ensure it is the right thing for them specifically.



Lastly, let’s talk about a very common item that you may not have thought of before as a freeze-dried option. Bread is a staple food for most people but tends to always go bad before you can finish an entire loaf. With freeze-drying you can forget about this issue completely!


Any type of bread product can be freeze-dried. Due to its low water content, bread is one of the fastest and easiest foods to freeze-dry at home (Howard). When packaged properly, the bread can stay good for up to 25 years. This is an easy way to avoid wasting food and money when your bread usually goes stale or moldy before you can finish a loaf.


All of these foods are interesting ones to freeze-dry, and they all have tons of benefits in doing so. Hopefully, you get to try one, if not all of these methods, in the near future.


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