What Are the Advantages of Freeze-Drying?

What Are the Advantages of Freeze-Drying?

Did you know that freeze drying is a tool that most people benefit from every day? It might shock you, but the most common freeze-dried food is coffee, which is then used to make instant coffee, the morning pick-me-up for people everywhere to start their day. Though freeze drying food is not widespread, it is a great tool and comes with plenty of conveniences.


The main advantages of freeze-drying food would be that the process: maintains the flavour unlike other dehydration processes, preserves the nutrition in the food, makes it lighter and more portable, and allows for long-lasting storage.

When food is freeze dried, the only thing that is taken out of it is the water, which we all know is flavourless, so the food still tastes the same. That's why when we freeze dry candy, it still has the same familiar taste that we know and love, the texture just changes because of the freeze drying process. Along with maintaining the flavour, the nutritional value of the food is also maintained. This is important because freeze dried food is actually used in a lot of space missions, as it is easier to rehydrate for the astronauts to eat. The fact that the food retains its nutrition is great because it allows astronauts to have the same quality of food that they would have here on earth.

Speaking of astronauts, they also benefit from another advantage of freeze drying food: it is lighter and more portable. This means that it does not take up much weight capacity for the flight. The food being lighter can also help us here on the ground, as it would be easier to carry around. It also makes freeze-dried candy such as gummies easier to eat, as the texture is not as dense but becomes much more light and crunchy, giving the freeze dried candy a new sensation when eating it!

Lastly, freeze dried foods last longer than regular food. If properly stored, it can last up to 25 years and still be good to eat. When it comes to candy, there's a myth that candy doesn’t expire because of all of the sugar in it, which simply is not true. But with freeze dried candy that myth becomes reality. Imagine your favourite candy is on sale, with freeze-dried candy you can buy as much as you want without worrying about it going bad, and eat it as leisurely as you want to, savouring every bite! Freeze drying is a helpful process that has many advantages that make storing and eating food much easier. We're sold on the process, are you?

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