What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Candy Edition

What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Candy Edition

Calling all candy lovers!


We are so happy to have you here with us at that sweet lyfe! We do a lot of freeze-drying around here, not to mention the endless taste-testing of the freeze-dried products. Who doesn’t want to taste-test candy for a living? It’s a pretty sweet deal – see what we did there. But, as fun as freeze-drying candy can be, there are some strings attached …


Welcome to this week’s segment on What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Candy Edition!


So, what candies can even be freeze-dried? Well, you can pretty much freeze-dry any candy that you want to! Candy such as skittles, jolly ranchers, saltwater taffy, and gummy bears are a few fan-favourites when it comes to the freeze-dried candy industry. If you happen to be curious, some of our favourite freeze-dried candies here at that sweet lyfe are: Skittles & Salt Water Taffy ~ YUM!


The Best Freeze-Dried Candies Are: 

  1. Freeze-Dried Skittles
  2. Freeze-Dried Jolly Ranchers
  3. Freeze-Dried Saltwater Taffy
  4. Freeze-Dried Gummy Bears
  5. Freeze-Dried Sour Patch Kids
  6. Freeze-Dried Milk Duds
  7. Freeze-Dried Starbursts


And, if you are a major sweet tooth (like us), the adventure doesn’t have to end with candy. That’s right, there is an endless number of scrumptious desserts that can be freeze-dried too! A few popular freeze-dried desserts are cheesecake, ice cream sandwiches, pumpkin pie and so much more! Is anyone else getting hungry?


On the other hand, some candies will definitely freeze-dry better than others. For example, pure chocolate actually cannot be freeze-dried. This is because the freeze-drying process removes the moisture from the candy and leaves behind the oil within the product, therefore if you have a considerably oily product (such as pure chocolate), it will not do well in a freeze-drying machine.


Moreover, because the process of freeze-drying maintains the nutritional value of the candy, the flavour will therefore remain the same. The main change that occurs through the freeze-drying process is the texture of the candy, for example when you freeze-dry skittles you will lose the chewiness of it, and instead it will have more of a crunchy feeling – at which many people actually do prefer!


Candy is so many things to so many people. It is a treat you give yourself after a long day, a gift you give to your friends and family and a place where children’s eyes light up at the never-ending mountains of glorious goodies that fill the candy shop. Our goal at that sweet lyfe is to create more meaningful moments for you to enjoy through our freeze-dried Canadian business!

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