What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Vegetable Edition

What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Vegetable Edition

“Eat your vegetables and then you can have some dessert,” or “you can’t leave the dinner table until all of your vegetables have been eaten,” we’re sure that we have all heard these phrases a couple times from our parents throughout our childhoods. They do it because they care. They want us to be eating nutritious food and being the healthiest versions of ourselves – sounds pretty reasonable, although when we were seven years old with a pile of peas on our plates it seemed a little less reasonable!


We don’t know about you, but veggies have never been our favourite food, they are not as colourful as candy, as decadent as desserts, or even as flavourful as fruits in our opinion.


For some people it is the texture of vegetables that they do not get along with. That crisp texture of onions or celery is not highly proclaimed as far as we are concerned. But here’s the crazy part, freeze-drying can change the texture of the vegetable to have a crunchier feeling. Thus, allowing you to enjoy a whole new experience with each vegetable and who knows maybe you will develop a taste for the tomatoes or onions that you previously couldn’t stand!


Welcome to this week’s segment on What Can Be Freeze-Dried? Vegetable Edition!


So, what vegetables can even be freeze-dried? Pretty much every vegetable can be freeze-dried. Sugar snap peas, corn, asparagus, celery, broccoli, carrots, beans, and much, much more will freeze-dry well!


The Best Freeze-Dried Vegetables Are:

  •   Freeze-dried sugar snap peas
  •   Freeze-dried carrots
  •   Freeze-dried potatoes
  •   Freeze-dried broccoli
  •   Freeze-dried corn
  •   Freeze-dried onions


One thing that is important to note before freeze-drying your vegetables with a freeze-drying machine is that the process does not kill the bacteria. If you normally do not wash your vegetables and just cook them in order to get rid of the bacteria then you will need to be mindful of this. Make sure to clean your vegetables properly before freeze-drying them!


Another tip for freeze-dried vegetables is to cut the veggies into small chunks before putting them into the freeze-drying machine in order to achieve the best results.


I hope that this motivates you to try your vegetables in a new way and hey, maybe this will introduce new, healthier options into your diet! As much as we have a sweet tooth at that sweet lyfe we also like to promote a healthy lifestyle with moderation. So, please feel free to join us on our journey to creating balance within our lives here at our freeze-dried Canadian business!


***Thank you for reading our blogs this year! We hope you have a VERY fun New Years' Eve and follow us next year for all things Freeze Dried Food***

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