What Foods Should You Steer Clear of When Freeze-Drying? To Freeze or Not to Freeze

What Foods Should You Steer Clear of When Freeze-Drying? To Freeze or Not to Freeze

Freeze-drying is quickly becoming one of the most popular food preservation options in the world. It allows you to preserve your favourite treats for years, while still maintaining all of their amazing original flavour.


There are seemingly endless options for what you can freeze-dry. And it’s true – most foods are amazing after freeze-drying. But, there are a few things you want to steer clear of.


In this blog, we’re going to break down exactly what cannot be freeze-dried, and what foods can be freeze-dried. Keep reading to get all the details!

What foods cannot be freeze-dried? 


To keep it as simple as possible, almost all foods freeze-dry really well, except for oily foods. Freeze-drying is the process of freezing and then removing all the water content from a piece of food (check out this blog post where we explain this process in more detail). Though freeze-drying removes water from food, it doesn’t remove oil. This is why oily foods don’t do well in the freeze-dryer. The water is gone, but the oil remains, so you’re left with a bit of a mess.


But what sort of foods are we referring to when we say to avoid oily foods? Well, you’re going to want to avoid foods like peanut butter, butter, syrups, honey, jam, and pure chocolate. These foods are all very high in oil. We recommend skipping these foods to save yourself time and effort.


What foods can be freeze-dried? 

Don’t be disheartened! There are still hundreds of options for what you can pop in your freeze-dryer. You can freeze-dry fruit, vegetables, candy, dairy products, meat, and even pet food!


If you want to learn more about some of our favourite freeze-dried foods, be sure to browse our blog. We leave reviews of all of our freeze-drying experiments, and we’ve discovered some amazing treats in the process! So far, some of our favourites are Skittles, Lemons, and Salt Water Taffy. These turned into perfectly sweet, flavour-packed bites that we simply can’t live without!


If you’re ready to begin your own freeze-drying adventure, follow the simple rule of avoiding oily foods to make sure your experiments are successful.


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