Why Add Freeze-Dried Candy to Your Local Boutique Shop?

Why Add Freeze-Dried Candy to Your Local Boutique Shop?

Freeze-dried candy is starting to gain traction worldwide, and here at That Sweet Lyfe, we want to help your local boutique stay on top of the trend. Unlike big box stores, consumers have learned to check their local boutiques for the latest and greatest must-have items; and right now, that means local, Canadian-made freeze-dried candy. We know your customers will love it as much as the internet does!

It's a Popular Everyone Can Enjoy

We know we're onto something good when we see our process on TikTok! Sure, we can see our website traffic and know that our sales are increasing, but there's nothing quite like being part of a growing TikTok trend. You can check out some sweet (pun intended) videos on the freeze-drying process and finished products. You can even watch people taste-testing freeze-dried candy, expecting a soft, fresh gummy and instead crunching down on a delicious freeze-dried treat. 

In fact, the crunchy goodness of our freeze-dried candy also makes for some amazing ASMR videos. Make sure to follow us, That Sweet Lyfe, on TikTok for some of our own ASMR and behind-the-scenes footage. How great would it be for your store to carry the same candy that's sweeping TikTok?

Freeze-Dried Candy Is Both Novel and Fun

Freeze-dried candy may be gaining in popularity thanks to TikTok, but it's still relatively new on the candy scene. We don't have to tell you that one of the main draws to local boutiques is the allure of finding something new and original. With freeze-dried candy, you won't just have a unique product; you'll have a delicious one. 

Having that trendy new product will keep customers coming back for more time and time again. We've found that freeze-dried candy is not a tried one, tried them-all kind of thing. Our customers want to try some of everything. Each candy is different, and even we can tell you the process isn't always predictable. If you've tried one candy, you'll want to try them all. Freeze-dried Skittles are nothing like a freeze-dried Starburst, and those are just two of our most purchased candies. 

Freeze-Dried Candy Is Enticing

Because it's still so new, freeze-dried candy is a great attention-grabber. It's one of those things that you can display by the register, and people will notice. Shoppers will stop to pick up our freeze-dried candy, and once they do, it's pretty rare for our customers to put our candy back down when they realize what they've found. Our candy is the perfect indulgent snack for a shopper on the go. 

That Sweet Life candy is also the perfect gift, whether you're shopping for someone who has it all, loves it all, or just has a sweet tooth. A customer can grab a quick pack on their way out just for something little to gift, or they can grab one of every flavour and make a whole to-do out of this trendy treat.

Wholesale Freeze-Dried Candy Options in Canada

Freeze-dried candy is gaining in popularity every day. It's making the rounds on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. We want to help you be in on this trend and provide your customers with yet another unique product that small boutiques are coming to be known for. If you're interested in supplying That Sweet Lyfe, you can buy wholesale from us directly for an even better price. Contact us for more information on how we can get That Sweet Life into your shop.
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