Why Freeze Dried Candy is Taking Over TikTok

Why Freeze Dried Candy is Taking Over TikTok

As much as we love the idea of coming home from a busy day at work and immediately jumping into the rest of our to-do list, we’ll admit it – there really isn’t anything quite as relaxing as scrolling on TikTok for a few minutes (or hours).


It’s the perfect blend of education, comedy, and – our personal favourite – food videos! Whether it’s recipes or taste tests, TikTok is the perfect app for food lovers.


But there’s a recent trend on the food side of TikTok that we especially love – freeze dried candy. Freeze dried candy is taking over TikTok, and for good reason! Want to know why? Keep reading to find out!


Behind the Scenes


Freeze drying is a super cool process. If you read our blog on how freeze drying works, you’ll know that it seems more like a science experiment than anything else. Luckily, on TikTok, you can find videos showing you what the freeze drying process looks like. 

Check out these videos to see what’s going on inside the freeze drying machine. It’s amazing, we promise.


Fun New Hacks


Freeze drying TikToks are the perfect way to discover new fun treats to pop inside your freeze dryer. They’ll test them, review them, and then you can copy their ideas to enjoy yourself!


Freeze drying is awesome, but sometimes people don’t know where to start or what they should try first. TikTok offers some great ideas for treats you can put in your freeze dryer.


But we have to say, nothing really beats our blog. Here on That Sweet Lyfe’s blog, we give you all the insider information on the best (and worst) treats to freeze dry. So far, some of our favourites are Skittles, Lemons, and Salt Water Taffy. Be sure to read our blog to hear all about new and delicious snacks you can pop in your freeze dryer.


ASMR Gold Mine


In our opinion, one of the main reasons freeze dried candy is taking over TikTok is because it is perfect for ASMR videos. Here at That Sweet Lyfe, we adore ASMR videos. They relax us better than any guided meditation.


And freeze dried candy is the perfect treat for the perfect ASMR video. Since freeze drying changes the texture of candies, you often end up with these incredibly crunchy or airy bites. Imagine biting into a chewy Gummi Bear and instead, hearing a crunch.

People on TikTok have taken to eating freeze dried candies for ASMR videos and in our opinion, it is one of the best things to happen to TikTok since… well, ever. Hearing that crunch sends a shiver down our spine.


But of course, the only thing better than watching people try freeze dried candies is trying them yourself. Browse our product pages on That Sweet Lyfe’s website and order your first batch today. 


Plus, make sure to follow That Sweet Lyfe on TikTok. Our handle is @thatsweetlyfe – we have behind the scenes videos and even some ASMR to satisfy all of your cravings. We’ll see you there! 

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