Why Freeze-Dried Candy Makes a Great Addition to Your Lunchbox

Why Freeze-Dried Candy Makes a Great Addition to Your Lunchbox

Have your lunchbox snack options become dull? Whether you are packing food for family members, your children or yourself, sometimes choosing food for lunch can feel repetitive. If you've noticed that your regular grocery shopping snacks haven't been appealing lately, it might be time for a switch-up. 

A great way to shake up your daily routine is to try new foods! What is one of the best treats to have? Candy! Why not try a new way to enjoy your go-to favourites by experimenting with freeze-dried candies? 

Freeze-Dry Candy: For the Whole Family 

Freeze-dried candy is a perfect goody for your kids to enjoy. Easy packaging and everlastingly sweet, your kids will be thrilled with this mid-day surprise. But it is not just fun for kids to enjoy, but for the whole family. Everyone deserves a sweet treat, no matter their age. 

Add some excitement to your life with a fun surprise in your lunchbox. Get through the Monday blues with some of That Sweet Lyfe's freeze-dried Gummy Bears, a popular treat for people of all ages. Some would argue that gummy bears are even better as a freeze-dried snack. What could be better than a tasty gummy bear that is puffy and crunchy instead of sticky? 

Spice Up Your Snack Choices 

Spice up or sweeten up your snack choices with freeze-dried candy. If you prefer the texture of something crunchy on your lunch break, then freeze-dried candy is an excellent option. Take your caramels, chewy candy, or soft gummies and turn them into a crunchy, tasty snack. If you've ever wanted the texture of chips with the taste of your favourite candies, this will do the trick.  

Keeps Fresh Throughout the Day And Even Longer

The incredible bonus to freeze-dried candy is its long-lasting shelf life, making it a great snack to keep fresh throughout the day. If the candy is properly stored in an airtight container, it can last up to 25 years. The most important aspect of keeping it fresh is ensuring no moisture will break down the candy.

Even if you remove the candy from its packaging, it will stay fresh for up to one week. Its longevity and light weight are the reasons why NASA uses freeze-drying for in-space food. Space food has never tasted as good as freeze-dried candy, and even through the process, it doesn't lose flavour or taste. All nutrients stay in the candy, including the sweetness.

Show It Off to Your Friends

If you purchase this kind of candy for your kids, they will have a blast showing it off to their school friends. Freeze-dried food goes through a fascinating process and is currently getting the engagement it deserves on TikTok. Now you can enjoy the food that is so popular on social media and share it with your friends at the same time. 

Freeze-drying is a trend that deserves attention, and at That Sweet Lyfe, we have many options to start you on your journey to excite your taste buds. Not only do we supply freeze-dried candies but a variety of desserts and "naturals" (something less sweet), such as banana slices

Get Your Lunchbox Snacks Here

If you are tired of hunting for a unique snack or new munchies to indulge yourself in, then stop by That Sweet Lyfe. We strive to turn regular moments into exceptional ones by turning your favourite candies into fun and new experiences. Treat yourself today by adding a little sweetness to your life with our specialty freeze-dried candies.
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