Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food Is Superior!

Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food Is Superior!

Freeze drying food is one of the best and most efficient ways to preserve food while also keeping its taste and nutritional value, so why not freeze dry dog food too? In this article, we’re going to explore the pros of buying freeze-dried dog food for your favourite pup(s)!

There are many ways to feed your dog. There is kibble/freeze dried, canned, semi-moist, home-cooked, and raw food. Kibble has all of its water removed from it, allowing it to carry a longer shelf life. However, kibble is made through the process of dehydration. To achieve this the kibble has to be heated to very high heat, which reduces the number of original nutrients in the food, making it less nutritious after the process is over.

Freeze-dried dog food is also more convenient, as it is easier to carry as when food is freeze dried, it loses much of its weight, giving it an airy texture. This also means that you could buy a six-pound bag of dog food, but end up with much more weight when you rehydrate it.  The rehydrating process is fairly easy, as you just have to add the amount of food you’d like to feed your dog to a bowl of warm water. Check the bag for more instructions on this, as different companies give different recommendations on how much water to use. On the other hand, you can also feed your dog the food dried, making the food just like kibble, but much more nutritious. 

It is also a healthier option because it is less processed than other types of kibble. Since the food is already preserved through the freeze-dried process, there are little to no additives or chemicals added to the food. The bacteria levels found in freeze dried food are also lower than that found in raw dog food.  To further reduce bacteria, freeze-dried dog food companies practice HPP on each batch they make. This is High-Pressure Pasteurization which destroys any bacteria on the food before it is freeze dried. 

Freeze-dried dog food is better as it preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients and is healthier as it is less processed than other foods. The only con is that since freeze drying equipment can be costly, the dog food it makes will be priced accordingly. But when you weigh that against all of the advantages freeze-dried dog has, it’s clear to see it's more than worth it. Think of it, while you’re enjoying your tasty freeze-dried candy from the sweet lyfe, your doggo can be crunching on their very own freeze dried treat, now isn’t that everyone's perfect way to end the day!

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