3 Sweet Facts about Freeze Dried Candy

3 Sweet Facts about Freeze Dried Candy


Gone are the days of wiping potato chip dust on your pants, shaking sugar off your shirt, and finally finding that fallen piece of chocolate (after you sat on the melted bits). At That Sweet Lyfe, we are redefining the snacking experience with freeze dried candy, which is as efficient as it is delicious!



What Makes Freeze Drying Candy the Sweetest Way to Snack

Snacking is all about indulgence; you should be able to satisfy your craving, feel a sense of joy, and soak in every bit of flavour with every bite. By following a meticulous process to freeze dry our products, at That Sweet Lyfe, we confidently create flavourful, mouth-watering, and unforgettable candies, fruits, and desserts to remember.


So, why do we stand by freeze-drying our products? Here are three sweet facts to give you the inside scoop on freeze dried candy and what makes it an unrivalled alternative to basic, dehydrated snacks.      


1. What is Freeze Drying?

Simply put, freeze drying works by sucking the water and any other liquid solvents out of a frozen product, utilizing highly controlled temperature and pressure from a special vacuum.


Starting with a completely frozen candy, fruit, or chocolate, here is how the freeze drying process works:


  • We freeze the candy first, condensing the water into ice because the product temperature has to be extremely cold in order for the water molecules to turn into water vapours without leaving any trace of liquid solvents behind.
  • Our candies, fruits, and desserts are frozen and kept at temperatures as low as -34°C (-30°F) to -45°C (-50°F)
  • We put the frozen product under a high-pressure vacuum chamber, which vapourizes the ice through a process called sublimation.


This sounds very technical, but it basically means freeze dryers can successfully preserve delicious treats and desserts for months without diluting flavour or ingredients with excess moisture from traditional freezing methods.


At That Sweet Lyfe, we use the Harvest Right freeze dryer to craft the most nutritious and delicious dried treats that are not only jam-packed with bursts of flavour but also convenient to pack and store for whenever your sweet tooth is itching for a fix. 


2. Does it Taste Different?

The freeze drying process allows us to maintain amazing amounts of flavour and texture in the food. This happens because the flavours are preserved when the water and solvent content is removed using high vapour pressure.


One of the reasons why That Sweet Lyfe’s line of flavour-packed, freeze dried products is so vibrant and delicious is because we use the vacuum pump to suck out the liquid, making the treat light and compact.


Because we freeze the product at an extreme temperature during the sublimation process, we are able to preserve all the ingredients that make it taste so sweet. In fact, we are confident that our freeze dried products taste better and more flavourful than the dehydrated candies you might be used to seeing in the snack aisle.


3. How Long Does it Last?

When it comes to dried foods, one of the main benefits of buying them was always how long they would last in the pantry, which is because food drying methods are purely meant to help increase the shelf life without taking taste or quality into consideration.


When the more innovative concept of freeze drying came on the scene, we realized we could use this method to revolutionize the snacking experience and create a product that stands the test of time while still satisfying your most intense candy cravings. At That Sweet Lyfe, our freeze dried products are purposeful and perfectly preserved. A major benefit of freeze dried foods and snacks are that they are excellent for long-term food storage and travel needs.


How many times have you been packing for a camping trip or preparing for a long-haul flight with the kiddos, but you can’t bring your go-to snacks because they’d weigh your bags down too heavily? That Sweet Lyfe freeze dried candies, fruits, and even vegetables will quickly become your new favourite travel-ready treats. They are purposefully crafted to make your snacking adventures light, convenient, and joyful, and they taste amazing too.


Treat Yourself to Nutritious, Delicious, and Perfectly Preserved Freeze Dried Foods

Now that you know a little more about freeze drying and why you need That Sweet Lyfe freeze dried treats to boost your snack game, order your first batch. By using our website, powered by Shopify, you can get your favourite freeze dried food cravings delivered to your doorstep with a simple online order!


If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that everyone deserves to indulge in their most mouth-watering cravings at their own convenience. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the help of The Sweet Lyfe freeze dried candies today!

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