About Us

The Short & Sweet Of It 

That Sweet Lyfe is on a mission to turn ordinary moments into exceptional ones. 

The Sweet Dream

From the moment we first tasted freeze dried candy, we knew there was a whole world of adventurous tastes just waiting to be tested. The intriguing sensation of freeze dried sweets and naturals makes satisfying that afternoon craving a lot more exciting. We experimented with popular candy, our favourite fruits, and different vegetables to create a delicious range of products for you to enjoy. The goal? Make your daily grind a whole lot sweeter! 

Beyond the Candy Coating

When we began experimenting with freeze drying, we couldn’t just stop at candies and desserts. We had to go beyond the sugar and test out fruits and vegetables too! Our range of freeze-dried naturals provides a healthier snacking alternative with the same amount of excitement! Whether you’re getting your daily water supply using B*tch Water flavour infusers or snacking on freeze dried fruit with the kids, you’re guaranteed a new altitude of adventure. 

How the Magic Works

We use a Harvest Right freeze dryer to turn candy, desserts, and fruit into deliciously light, crunchy, and nutritious snack bites. To freeze dry food, the items must first be frozen to extreme temperature. Then, a powerful vacuum sucks the liquid out of the products as the temperature is slowly raised, creating pieces of food that are both light and full of flavour. That Sweet Lyfe products deliver an extraordinary snacking experience while staying preserved for years!