A Full History of Freeze-Drying

A Full History of Freeze-Drying

The history of freeze-drying is much longer than one might think. Although many consider freeze-drying to have begun in the early 1900s, its origin likely began hundreds, if not a thousand, years earlier. Historians still dispute the earliest records of freeze drying, arguing that groups such as the Inuit, Vikings, Aztecs, or Buddhist Monks may have been the first humans to invent this practice. However, many historians agree that the first definite instance of freeze-drying began in the 1200s and was practiced by the Inca People of Machu Picchu. 

How Did It All Start?

The freezing temperatures and low pressure of the Andes caused the sublimation of water. Typically, this process was used on potatoes, which were exposed to freezing temperatures during the night and scorching sunlight during the day over the course of five days, to make a dish known as Chuño.  

The Evolution of Freeze-Drying

The introduction of freeze-drying in modern times surprisingly follows a history of medicine, not food preservation. In 1890, a man named Albert Altman created a version of a freeze-drying technique. In 1906, another man named Jacques Arsene d’Arsonval invented his own freeze-drying technique. He is credited as being the inventor of modern freeze-drying and later went on to patent his research in the 1920s. 

Modern Freeze-Drying for Food Products

It wasn’t until the 1960s that freeze-drying started to be considered a food preservation technique. Freeze-dried food products became a popular option for those travelling on long journeys, such as campers, military personnel, and eventually astronauts! People began sublimating—or freeze-drying—anything from mushroom soup to ice cream to allow easy transport and long shelf life. Many of these products found their way into the mainstream market. Freeze-dried instant coffee, in particular, became an especially popular treat among travellers and regular people alike. 

Where Is It All Going? 

With the invention of online shopping and the increasing expansion of the global market, freeze-dried products are available now more than ever. A quick look online can easily allow anyone access to freeze-dried ice cream, chicken fajitas, omelets, macaroni and cheese, fruits, and almost anything you could possibly think of. And the freeze-dried food market is only predicted to continue growing. 

Water Infusers

Drinking basic water is essential for our bodies, but it doesn’t have to be boring. We chose to freeze-dry your favourite water-infusing fruits—lemon and lime—so you can liven up your water break anywhere, anytime. Freeze-dried fruit slices can sit in your desk at work, travel in your purse, or come with you on your next hike. 

Healthier Fruit Snacks

Imagine reaching for a handful of your favourite berries, cherries, or fruit slices. They don’t stay in stock for very long, but we choose your favourite fruits and freeze-dry them to give you a light, crunchy, fruity snack for all your travels. Avoid the juicy mess while gaining the same nutrients and flavour with freeze-dried natural fruit.

Sweets, Treat, and Desserts

Freeze-drying has taken over the dessert menus with candy, taffy, ice cream, and more. No more melting messes or gooey fingers. Freeze-dried sweets make it possible to enjoy dessert in the car, on a plane, while camping, or watching your favourite show on your living room couch. Browse our full collections to see what’s new and find your favourite. 

Start Your Own Taste Adventure With Freeze-Dried Treats

At That Sweet Lyfe, we pride ourselves on our originality and constant drive to find new products for our customers. We’ve experimented with vegetables, fruits, candies, cookies, ice cream and more during our continuous journey to find your next favourite treat. Check out the available products page to see what we have right now, and check back regularly or follow us on Instagram to see what’s next!

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