Does Food Taste Different After Freeze Drying?

Does Food Taste Different After Freeze Drying?


Does freeze drying change the taste of food? This is a very commonly asked question by anyone new to freeze drying, and it’s a good thing to ask! Many people are wary of trying out freeze dried food for the first time, expecting the flavour to completely change.



Don’t worry! Freeze drying is nothing to be nervous about. In fact, it can make your food taste more delicious than ever before, offering a delectable adventure for your taste buds. In this post, we’ll discuss whether freeze drying changes the taste and texture of food and how it can bring you a whole new flavour experience!


Does Freeze Dried Food Taste Different?

If you’ve ever tasted dehydrated food, you might have been put off by the taste. Dehydrating can completely change the flavour of food–and in many cases, for the worse. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that freeze drying doesn’t detract from the flavour at all!


The freeze drying process retains almost all of the flavour and nutrients in the original food, unlike dehydration. In fact, freeze dried food can pack even more of a punch than its regular counterpart! Freeze drying enhances sweetness, making it perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who’s looking for an easy, sweet, and delectable snack.


That being said, freeze drying can sometimes slightly alter flavours. However, this often works in your favour, enhancing the original taste and making it more delicious than before! Freeze drying is perfect if you’re looking for a new taste experience but still want to stick with what you know.


The Texture of Freeze Dried Food

The texture is where freeze dried food really gets a chance to shine. Freeze drying completely alters the texture of most foods, thanks to the way it sucks all liquid out of them. All freeze dried foods are slightly different, but in general, they become light and airy, with a satisfying crunch and a delectable melt-in-your-mouth experience.


The unique texture of freeze dried food is one of its main selling points. Whether you’re eating an apple, a Starburst, or cookie dough, freeze drying brings a new, mouthwatering twist to your favourite classics.


The Best Freeze Dried Food

Some foods freeze dry better than others. While some turn into delectable snack experiences, others become sad, oily messes. With the help of a lot of experimentation, That Sweet Lyfe has determined which foods work best for freeze drying–and which don’t.


We’ll start with the bad news: Oily foods don’t freeze dry very well. For candy lovers, this means candies made of peanut butter or heavy amounts of chocolate may not be the best choice for freeze drying. Your Reese’s peanut butter cups or Snickers bars are better off being eaten as normal.


Now for the good news: there are a lot of foods that can be freeze dried–and we mean a LOT. Of course, only some of them can be the most delicious. Here we’ll list a few of our favourites.


For candies, we highly recommend trying out freeze dried Skittles and Jolly Ranchers. These two candies have very distinct tastes and textures, so freeze drying them gives you an entirely new experience! These chewy and hard sweets can now be enjoyed in a light, flavourful snack that melts in your mouth.


It doesn’t stop at candy–That Sweet Lyfe also offers freeze dried desserts! Our favourites of the batch are freeze dried ice cream and freeze dried cheesecake, both of which come in a variety of flavours. Have you ever wanted to eat ice cream that doesn’t melt or cheesecake that’s light and airy? Freeze drying is the perfect solution!


Finally, we have the perfect freeze dried food for fans looking for less sweetness: fruit! Say goodbye to the sticky mess you encounter every time you eat fruit, and hello to a delectable treat that will invigorate your taste buds.


Although we think almost every freeze dried fruit is delicious, our favourite is bananas. You may have had dehydrated bananas before in the form of banana chips, but freeze dried bananas are an entirely new experience. Since freeze drying retains flavour more than dehydration, every bite-sized piece of freeze-dried banana is packed full of flavour.


Try It For Yourself!

Still curious what freeze dried food tastes and feels like? The best way to find out is to try them yourself! That Sweet Lyfe offers a variety of freeze dried foods for adventurous souls who want to take the next step on their culinary adventure.


Looking for something to curb your sweet tooth? Try one of our freeze dried candies or desserts! Looking for a fun and nutritious experience for you or your kids? Our freeze dried fruits are perfect for you! Order a batch of delicious treats to get started on a brand-new adventure!

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