Does the Taste of a Product Change After Freeze-Drying It?

Does the Taste of a Product Change After Freeze-Drying It?

Oh, the sweet caramel that lays itself inside of a Twix bar, the zestful thrill of consuming a Sour Patch Kid, the fruity exploration of eating AirHeads – it’s the taste that keeps bringing us back for more. What would life be like without the sensation of flavour? We think it would look something similar to a colourless, black-and-white movie, with deserts as far as the eye can see, an endless search for something … more. A scary thought isn’t it? Well, luckily that isn’t our reality – phew, close one.


*Sits down, grabs a notebook and pen.* 

Step into our office.


Now, let’s talk about why you are really here, you may be wondering: How does freeze-dried candy taste? Does freeze-dried food taste just as good? Or does the taste of a product change after freeze-drying it? And as we have established so far, taste is (basically) the backbone of society … or maybe that’s just us – but we can at least agree on the fact that taste is important – it is essential to our survival as human beings you know – look it up if you don’t believe us!


Does the Taste of a Product Change After Freeze-Drying It?

Long story short, the freeze-drying process does not change the taste of your food. The taste remains the same because the nutritional value of the product remains consistent. As well, the method of freeze-drying typically maintains the flavor better than other dehydration techniques. Really, the distinctive change in the product is the texture. Freeze-drying your candy will give it more of a crunchy feeling than that chewy, gooey consistency. A lot of people do prefer the crunchy texture, so don’t knock it till you try it!


Be a sensation-seeker for a day and try out some freeze-dried food. Not only will you find the crunchy texture more appealing (depending on your personal preference), but that snack is going to last you about 25 years if stored correctly– yeah, that’s a long time!


We love freeze-dried food here in Canada at that sweet lyfe. There isn’t a  black-and-white movie or a dessert in sight – only a colourful, full-flavoured rainbow of endless candy and delightful desserts that lasts for what feels like forever! It’s not a bad way to live, we would definitely recommend it.

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