Food Preservation: Freeze Drying and Dehydrating

Food Preservation: Freeze Drying and Dehydrating

The preservation of meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables dates back to 3000 BC. Without power or good storage ability, this was the only way to ensure as little food was wasted as possible.

Dehydration and freeze drying are today's most common ways to preserve your food. Both processes make the food compact and lightweight, which is optimal for situations such as military rations, backpacking excursions, emergency food, the aerospace industry and even just as a snack option. 

This is where the similarities end, though, because the differences between freeze drying and food dehydration are actually very profound. 

What Are the Differences?

Dehydration breaks down essential nutrients and results in a tough, leathery product due to the slow continuous heating process. Freeze dried foods retain almost all their goodness due to the rapid freezing time, capturing 90% of the nutritional value.

Dehydration can extend the life of your food, but the exact period varies. For some foods, it can be five years, while others may last ten. Freeze drying is known to preserve your food's integrity and even enhance its flavour, extending the shelf life up to 25 years! (depending on the food)

Is Dehydration As Dry As It Sounds?

Yes! Food is dried by low heated air, slowly removing its water. Everything becomes chewy and tough. The food's integrity is compromised in this process, thus lessening the flavour and nutritional values. With the varying expiry dates, who wants to ask the question after you pop something into your mouth, "Does this smell "off" to you?"

Is Freeze Drying As Cool As it Sounds?

The Freeze drying process is exactly how it sounds. Food is exposed to freezing temperatures and rapidly frozen, preserving up to 90% of its nutrients instantly. The method includes the removal of water vapours with a powerful vacuum and results in food that is crisp and airy with a concentrated flavour—turning any ordinary food into exceptional!

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Have You Tried Freeze Dried Candy?

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