Sour Cherry Balls: Mouth-Watering Good

Sour Cherry Balls: Mouth-Watering Good

Here at that sweet lyfe, we are truly sweet-obsessed. If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you know how much we love a nice, sugary, fruit-flavored candy or a sweet chocolatey snack. But we are candy-lovers of many tastes, and we don’t like to limit ourselves to just sweet treats. We are, we’ll admit, lovers of sour candies too. Everybody needs to broaden their candy horizons now and then.


That’s why we love sour cherry balls. These are small red candies made from sugar, corn syrup, and different flavourings that give them a deliciously sour cherry bite. They definitely make our mouth water, in the best way possible. Honestly, our mouths are watering now just thinking about them!


These sour cherry balls have a long history. They were invented all the way back in 1899, in Texas, by Judson-Atkinson Candies. They originally came in a bunch of different flavours, but the small balls of sour cherry was the fan-favourite.


And no wonder! These treats are unlike anything else we’ve tried before. As we tend to gravitate towards sweeter treats like chocolates and caramels, it took us a while to find a sour candy we truly love. We were so happy to discover sour cherry balls. Sometimes, you just need a good sour candy in your life, and sour cherry balls are ours! We always reach for the sour cherry balls when we’re craving something sour. They’re easy and quick to eat, and strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour.


So, we decided to give these candies a test, and put them in the freeze-drier. If you want to know the results of our experiment, keep reading for our review!


Honestly, these didn’t work… at all. We were pretty disappointed! They are so incredibly tasty as a candy, but the hard jell centers and waxy coating don’t really work when you put them in the freeze-drier. Overall, we give the freeze-dried sour cherry balls a 0 star rating!


We recommend skipping the freeze-drier and sticking with the original candies. Freeze-drying them was a big waste of time, as it didn’t do anything for the candies.


Even though the freeze-drying didn’t work, you still need to get your hands on a bag of sour cherry balls. You know when you eat something sour and your mouth puckers up at the taste in that oh so lovely way? That will be you when you munch on these yummy treats.

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