Gummi Bears: Always a Hit

Gummi Bears: Always a Hit

Is there anything better than a gummi bear? They’re yummy and, as a plus, in the shape of a cute little bear! Somehow, the cute little shape just makes them taste even better. We remember playing around with these bear-shaped candies as a kid whenever we got our hands on some (and, we’ll admit, sometimes we still do!).


These candies are really a crowd-pleaser. They’re small, quick to eat, and give one of the most reliable sugar rushes we’ve encountered to date.


Gummi bears originated in Germany, in 1920. Hans Riegel started by making hard candies, but in 1922, he came up with what are now known as gummi bears. They were soft, fruit-flavored, and bear-shaped. He wasn’t the first in the world to start making soft, gelatin-based candies, but the bear-shape was what made his candies a hit with customers. People called them “dancing bears” and his company quickly grew (see, we’re not the only ones to play with our gummi bears and make them dance around). After WWII and Riegel’s death, his sons restarted the company and brought gummi bears back. People started producing them all around the world, and nowadays, they’re one of the most classic and beloved treats internationally.


Because, come on, who doesn’t love a good gummi bear? With so many variations nowadays, you can find vegan gummi bears, sugar-free gummi bears, gummi worms, and more. But we can’t seem to get enough of the classic, sugary gummi bears. They’re the perfect (and cute) snack to get in our daily dose of sugar.


Like we do with all our favourite candies, we wanted to put these little bears to the test and freeze-dry them! Want to know how they turned out? Keep reading to hear all the details.


The freeze-dried gummi bears turned into these puffy, oversized bears. The flavour didn’t change much, but the texture itself was great! They were perfectly crispy. Gummi bears are already enjoyable to eat, and the freeze-dried version added an extra dose of fun. Our rating? 5 stars! 


So which version would we recommend – the original bears or the freeze-dried ones? Honestly, take your pick! Both are truly awesome. Whether you like the chewy original bears, or the crispy freeze-dried bears, you can’t go wrong with a good gummi bear (or 50).


Gummi bears are definitely the treats that are always a hit, and never a miss.

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