When Life Gives You Lemons, Freeze Dry Them

When Life Gives You Lemons, Freeze Dry Them

We all know how important it is to drink water. It seems to be the cure-all for every disease, ailment, and feeling nowadays. Got a headache? Drink water! Upset stomach? Drink water! You’re tired? Sad? Have some water!


To be fair, there is some truth to the advice. Drinking enough water is part of any truly healthy routine. You can eat as much kale or go to as many Pilates classes as you want, but if you’re not drinking enough water, you’re not going to feel or look your best. Water helps boost your digestion, your metabolism, your energy levels, and gives you that glowy, fresh skin everybody wants.


But if you’re anything like us, drinking enough water can feel more like a chore than anything else. It’s so much harder to knock back glasses of water than it is to sip on a Sprite or even a sneaky glass of wine.


That’s why we love infusing our water. Sometimes it’s with mint, sometimes with cucumbers. But there’s no better way to flavour your water than with lemon.


Yes, lemon water. One sip of that refreshing, tart lemon water and we feel ready to take on the day. Plus, lemon itself has some amazing benefits. This sour fruit helps your digestion, your weight loss, and gives you some nice vitamin C to keep your immune system strong.


But even plain-old lemon water can get boring after a while. That’s why we decided to try freeze-drying lemon slices. And trust us, this is a review you’re going to need to read.


The freeze-dried lemon was amazing. Freeze-drying the lemon turned it into this crisp, tart slice. The pulp got so dry it almost turned into a powder.


But then the true magic happened. We added the freeze-dried lemon to our water. And believe us when we say, we’ve never enjoyed our water more. Adding the freeze-dried lemon amplified the taste 10 times more than just a regular fresh slice of lemon.


Since it was so good, we even refilled our glass a few times and amazingly, the freeze-dried lemon seemed to last for a few fill-ups. With regular lemon, you normally have to add a fresh slice to each glass, but the same slice lasted us for a few fill ups (and with this incredible taste, we filled up quite a few times).


Overall, we give freeze-dried lemon 5 stars. It was super tart and tasty, and made a really nice addition to our water. From now on, we’re going to add freeze-dried lemon to our water – it tastes so good, we’ll easily become one of those “Just drink water” people in no time.

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