Lindt Chocolates: For All Your Chocolate Cravings

Lindt Chocolates: For All Your Chocolate Cravings

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we are stocking up on our Lindt chocolates! They truly are the perfect chocolate to get you through those winter blues. As the snow slowly starts to fall, there really isn’t anything better than sitting down with an assortment of Lindt chocolates and munching away as we watch a movie or chat with our friends. Whether you like dark chocolate or sweet chocolate, Lindt offers the best assortment of chocolate to enjoy in those cold winter months.


Lindt chocolates have a long history. They’ve been around since 1836 – that’s almost 200 whole years of people enjoying this delectable chocolate! They were first made by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann in Switzerland. The company was later developed by Rudolf’s two sons (though they’ve changed company names many times since then). They started producing their famous milk chocolates in 1934 and came to the international market in 1994.


They’re probably most widely known for their LINDOR chocolate truffles. They’re the small, perfectly bite-sized balls of chocolate that come individually wrapped. These were introduced first in 1967, and were meant to be used as decorations for Christmas trees. That’s probably why we associate these chocolates with the approaching holiday season. Whether you use them as decorations, or stocking stuffers, or as a gift for your coworkers, you really can’t go wrong with Lindt.


Nowadays, you can find almost every variation of chocolate in their stores. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, white chocolate – you name it, they’ve got it! They even have sugar-free versions and vegan versions now, so you can enjoy their deliciousness no matter your dietary restrictions.


They really are one of our favourite chocolates. They hit the spot like nothing else.


Given how much we truly love these chocolates, these were an absolute must-try for our blogs. We put all our favourite treats into the freeze-dryer to review for our readers, and so we had to try our Lindt chocolates too. Want to know how they turned out? Keep reading this blog to find out.


Freeze-drying the Lindt chocolates was, to sum it up, a complete failure. As much as chocolate tops our list of favourite treats, we’ve realized that pure chocolate does not work at all in the freeze drier. Our rating? 0 stars! But that’s ok! You win some, you lose some.


We recommend sticking to the original Lindt chocolates this holiday season. They’re perfect just the way they are, and we can guarantee that they’ll satisfy all your chocolate cravings.

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