Freeze-Dried Milk Duds: Definitely Not a Dud

Freeze-Dried Milk Duds: Definitely Not a Dud

We love caramel. We love chocolate. So you can be sure that we are obsessed with Milk Duds. Milk Duds are little caramels covered in milk chocolate. They are the perfect treat for any chocolate lover. We love to munch on these at the movies, for dessert, and especially for those secret late night trips to the kitchen. Somehow, we just seem to sleep better after eating a couple (or a hundred) of these candies.  


These delicious candies have been around for almost 100 years now, and for good reason! They were first made by Hoffman and Company in Chicago, all the way back in 1928. The goal was to create perfectly round chocolate-covered balls of caramel. But the inventors quickly discovered that this was pretty much impossible – yep, their plan was a dud. Hence the name, Milk Duds. What better way to make the most of a change to your business plans than owning it? Though they’ve been sold to many companies over the years, Milk Duds are now owned by Hershey. It’s no wonder these candies have stuck around for so long – nothing beats a good mix of chocolate and caramel.


Milk Duds are truly one of our favourite snacks. They’re the perfect mix of chocolate and caramel and come in cute, bite-sized pieces. They always hit the spot. So, we decided to conduct another little experiment and freeze-dry the Milk Duds, and we’re here to give you our honest review.


We were a bit worried that our experiment in freeze-drying the Milk Duds would be, well, a dud. But we were pleasantly surprised, to say the least!


The freeze-dried Milk Duds were, to put it simply, absolutely yummy! When we freeze-dried them, they turned into these airy and crunchy caramel bites. Freeze-drying the Milk Duds added a nice crunch to the normally chewy candy that we didn’t know we needed in our lives. Our rating? 5 stars!


So which do we prefer? Honestly, we’re a bit torn! We love caramels, so the original Milk Duds will always be on our grocery list. But the freeze-dried Milk Duds were truly incredible. We absolutely loved them! If you prefer to have a nice crunch to your snacks, you should definitely try them. They kept all the good flavour, but with that little extra something.


Regardless of which option you choose to snack on, you’re guaranteed to leave smiling. Milk Dud lovers, unite!

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