A Bite of Pure Goodness

Salt water taffy is another one of those iconic candies that we all know and love. You probably remember getting it when you went trick-or-treating as a kid, and if you’re like us, you still love to munch on it today. It’s chewy, sweet, and absolutely delicious! 

Salt water taffy is made of sugar, corn syrup, salt, butter, cornstarch, flavoring, water, and coloring. Funny enough, salt water taffy doesn’t actually contain salt water (at least, not the kind you go swimming in). The story of the name, though, is fabulous! 

Salt water taffy originated in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One candy store on the boardwalk was flooded after a really bad storm in 1883, and it hit all the taffy. After the storm, a young girl tried to buy some taffy. The shop worker joked that he had “salt water taffy,” which the young girl’s mother overheard. The girl tried it, loved it, and the name “salt water taffy” has been around ever since! 

Iconic, we know. 

It became really popular in 1886 when it began to be boxed and sold as a souvenir, and to this day, you can find some of the original stores still selling it in Atlantic City. We love how this candy has been around for more than a century – you know a candy is good when it’s been a staple of every sugar-lover’s diet for so long. 

So how does salt water taste when it’s freeze dried? We put it to the test, and we’re here to give you our honest review. 

If we had to put our thoughts into just one word? It’s amazing! 

We didn’t think this candy could get any bettering this chewy candy turns into this light, airy, but crisp snack. We loved it! Our rating: 5 stars! 

So which one is better – the original or the freeze-dried version? Honestly, we recommend both. The original is great, and you can’t go wrong with some O.G. salt water taffy. But the freeze dried version is exceptional. It’s this light, airy bite of pure goodness. No matter which form you eat it in, your taste buds will thank you. 

You know that little happy dance you do when you eat something absolutely amazing? That was us when we were eating this salt water taffy. Give it a try, and you’ll be dancing right along with us! 

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