Freeze-Dried Skittles: The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Freeze-Dried Skittles: The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

If you’ve ever wanted to taste the rainbow, look no further than Skittles. By now, we’re all familiar with the famous slogan of these sweet, colourful candies. With each candy coming in a different flavour depending on its colour, Skittles give you a taste of all the colours of the rainbow when you indulge in these tiny sweet bites.


One rumoured story behind the candy actually says that this is how they came up with their famous “taste the rainbow” slogan. Mr. Skittles (yes, we know) was looking at a rainbow when he wished he could taste all the different colours. Unable to literally taste a rainbow (for obvious reasons), he went home and invented Skittles, to give himself and the rest of the world a little taste.


To be fair, this story has never been proven. In fact, there’s very little known and verifiable history behind the invention of this candy. If you’ve read our other blog posts, you know that many candies have some pretty incredible true-stories behind their invention, and have been around for centuries.


But Skittles is, in comparison, a relatively new treat. The tasty candies were first invented in Britain, in 1974. They made their way to America in 1979, but in terms of their true history, nobody really knows. Despite being a new-ish and mysterious candy, these treats have become super popular and well-known. Why wouldn’t they? They’re sweet, perfectly bite-sized, and nowadays, come in different variations like Original, Sour, and Tropical.


Fun Fact:

Did you know that there’s a rumour that all Skittles actually taste the same, and that the colours just trick our brains into thinking they taste different? Crazy, we know.


Well, we decided to put these Skittles to the test and freeze-dry them. And, as always, we’re here to give you our honest review.


Freeze-dried Skittles are, to sum it up, super fun! They turned into these crunchy little puffs of pure sugar. The center puffed up and pushed the colourful shells out, leaving us with this fun, cute little treat.


Our rating? 5 stars! This new find was like discovering the pot of gold at the end of the tasty rainbow!


So, which is better, the original version or the freeze-dried Skittles? To be honest, we thoroughly love both! Regular Skittles will always be a yummy treat, whether you’re snacking at the movies or need a quick sugar-fix after a long day at work, but the freeze-dried Skittles are a fun new way to eat your favourite treat. And you know us, we love having fun with our candy!


Give these treats a try, and taste the freeze-dried rainbow!

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