Toffifee: A Treat to Remember

Toffifee: A Treat to Remember

Have you heard of Toffifee? If not, you need to read this blog. One taste of these candies, and you’ll be obsessed in no time!


These candies start with a caramel shell – almost like a little cup. Then they add in a tiny piece of hazelnut (an important piece of any truly sophisticated chocolate). Then they fill in the cup with creamy nougat, and top it off with a bit of chocolate. This candy is like taking every ingredient of your favourite candy and mixing it into one pretty, delicious treat. We simply can’t get enough!


These candies originated in Germany, in 1973. Though they’re a relatively new candy compared to some of the others we’ve talked about on this blog, they have truly taken the world by storm! You can find them being sold in over 100 countries. You know when a candy is truly international that it’s ridiculously good.


And we’re not lying when we say they’re ridiculously good. We’ll admit ­– we pop one of these into our mouths and we literally say, “Oh my god.” They’re our go-to treat for when we want something a bit fancier. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good colourful fruity candy but when we eat these, we somehow feel like we’re living our dream life. In fact, these candies were originally meant as an energy snack for women, meaning they’ve been the perfect treat to pair with your girl boss lifestyle since their invention.


But is it possible to make these delicious candies even better? Well, we wanted to see. We wanted to see what would happen if we freeze-dried these candies, and in this blog, we’ll give you the full review!


Unfortunately, freeze-drying the Toffifee candy didn’t work at all. The chocolate essentially melted, and the caramel round that holds in the chocolate and hazelnut turned super crispy. It was, we’ll admit, a complete fail. Our rating? 0 stars.


But that’s okay! As every success-oriented person knows, not every experiment is going to work. We’re not discouraged. We’re just taking it as a sign to stick with the original. Sometimes, the old saying is true – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And these delicious candies are most definitely not broke.


If you want to buy candy to make you feel like you’re truly bossing up, look no further than Toffifee. When you taste the perfect ratio of caramel, hazelnut, nougat, and chocolate, you’ll never look back.

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