A Treat that Will Take You to the Moon

Do you know what candy Neil Armstrong said he craved while on the moon? Yup, that’s right, he wanted Twizzlers. Apparently, while on his famous moon landing trip in 1969, Armstrong said what we’re all thinking: “I could go for some Twizzlers right now.” 

It’s not surprising. Twizzlers have become an iconic and tasty treat. Whether you’re landing on the moon, or simply need the perfect treat to binge on while you watch your favourite movie, Twizzlers are the perfect candy. With a fun texture and a bunch of different flavours to choose from, Twizzlers hit the spot every time. 

Because they’re so iconic, Twizzlers have been around for a long time. Twizzlers were originally made by the Young & Smylie Confectionary Company in 1845, in its original licorice flavour. The company was acquired by The Hershey Company in 1977 and nowadays, you can enjoy them in all kinds of flavours. With more than 100 years of people enjoying these candies, eating them feels like biting into a piece of history. 

There have been many spin-offs of the original Twizzlers, including the focus of today’s blog: Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel. This candy is made up of ropes that you can, as the name suggests, pull and peel and, of course, enjoy! We love this candy even more than the original because it lets you play with your food (even as an adult). 

The Pull n’ Peel version of Twizzlers was made in 1995. There are so many flavours you can try, including cherry, grape, orange, and black cherry. 

Wondering how well these Twizzlers Pull n’ Peels freeze dried? Well, we tried it and we’re here to give you our best review. 

Unfortunately, freeze drying Twizzlers didn’t work well. They actually maintained the same exact texture as before, so the whole process was a bit of a waste. 

The goal of freeze drying candy is to enhance its taste and add some sweetness by removing any excess moisture. But the Twizzlers seemed unaffected by the process. It wasn’t any better or worse than the original, but with this candy, we recommend skipping the freeze drying process and enjoying these treats as they are. Overall freeze-dried rating: 0!

Even though freeze drying the Twizzler Pull n’ Peels didn’t do much for the flavour, we still love these candies. They’re going to be our go-to movie night snack forever, freeze dried or not. 

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