How Freeze-Drying Interacts with Different Types of Candy

How Freeze-Drying Interacts with Different Types of Candy

You can freeze-dry many different types of food products, from meats to fruits and veggies to a wide variety of desserts and candies. Just because you can freeze-dry many varieties of foods, it doesn't guarantee that all will turn out delicious. Foods that have a high oil or fat content don't typically turn out well once the water is removed. For example, peanut butter and chocolate are sweet treats made for each other, but neither turns out well once they are freeze-dried due to the oil. Rather than heightening the rich sweet flavour, we end up with concentrated oil. The good news is that we've done enough experiments to share with you our best results and warn you of the not-so-good ones. 

Hard Candies

Hard candies are a delicious treat, but due to their hard structure, they are difficult for some people to enjoy and are a choking hazard for children. Freeze-dried hard candies, however, are much more accessible to those of all ages. During the freeze-drying process, all the moisture is removed from the candies, causing them to puff and lose their hard structure. 

The result is that freeze-dried hard candies are slightly crunchy and chewier than normal hard candies. This technique also concentrates the sugar crystals, increasing the sweetness and flavour. Thus, freeze-dried hard candies become more like gummies once they are freeze-dried. All types of hard candies can be deliciously freeze-dried, such as jolly ranchers, lollipops, Werther's, lemon drops, and even those mystery hard candies you find in a tin at your Grandmother's house! 


Gummies are a fun favourite of children and adults alike. Available in every variety, from pineapple gummy bears to sour cola bottles to cherry gummy worms, anyone can find a type of gummy to satisfy their taste buds. But even though gummies come in a wide variety of shapes and flavours, it's basically always the same candy. Now we're not saying that gummies are basic, just that they can be improved. During the freeze-drying process, all the water is removed from the gummies, concentrating the sugar and flavour. 

Freeze-dried gummies are not only sweeter and more flavourful than their original counterparts, but they also have a completely different consistency. Freeze-dried gummies are crispy and airy. Here at That Sweet Lyfe, we are constantly working to introduce new treats, including new varieties of freeze-dried candies and gummies

Salt Water Taffy 

Saltwater taffy is known for its wide variety of flavours and sticky consistency. Taffy is a delicious classic treat that has existed for over 100 years. Still, some of us don't particularly enjoy how it gets stuck in our teeth and can sometimes be nearly impossible to remove. This is even more of a concert for those with dental appliances, who are normally restricted from eating taffy by dentists, however much they love it. 

Luckily, taffy turns out really well after the free-dried process! Freeze-drying turns sticky and dense taffy into puffy, crunchy and light treats, meaning you no longer have to worry about it getting stuck in your teeth. That Sweet Lyfe offers a selection of freeze-dried Hi Chews, salt water taffy, and starbursts, with new products always in the works. Check out our current selection of freeze-dried candies and try our new take on an old classic.


Oil-based candies, such as pure chocolate, don't do well during the freeze-drying process. Freeze-drying removes moisture, leaving behind sugar crystals and non-soluble substances such as oil. Chocolate has a high oil and low moisture content since its main ingredient is cocoa butter, so freeze-drying only increases the bitter, oily taste of pure chocolate. 

However, in small amounts, chocolate can be retained during the freeze-drying process, so chocolate-covered candies can still be freeze-dried and enjoyed. Many chocolate lovers enjoy freeze-dried milk duds or even free-dried chocolate ice cream to satisfy that chocolatey craving.

When freeze-dried, these treats are almost twice as sweet as the originals and become light and crunchy. Some even choose to dip their freeze-dried treats in melted chocolate to regain the rich chocolatey flavour that was lost during the freeze-drying process.

Other Desserts

Treats that contain only tiny amounts of chocolate, such as chocolate chips or cocoa powder, can easily be freeze-dried. Cookies, cheesecake, and ice cream are popular treat, with the creaminess and sweetness of these desserts amplified during the freeze-dried process. See our current selection of freeze-dried desserts and discover your new favourite type of ice cream.

Discover the Best Freeze-Dried Candy in Canada

We continue to experiment with new combinations and products in our freeze-dryer to bring you taste-tested winning results. Shop our collections online or find us at a local Alberta farmer's market to get your fill of freeze-fried treats.

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