Our Story—Why We Started a Freeze-Dry Candy Company

Our Story—Why We Started a Freeze-Dry Candy Company

If there is one thing we can say about our business, it's that we simply love what we do! We love turning everyday treats into extraordinary ones and sharing them with you. 

People often ask why we started doing this. What propelled us to start a business and create a company selling freeze-dried treats? 

Adventure & Curiosity 

The first time we tasted a freeze-tried candy, we were hooked. We were intrigued by the texture and loved the concentrated taste of this bite-size candy. This sparked a sense of adventure as we were curious to find out how the freeze-dried version of our other favourite candies tasted. 

Our Business Is Born

After tasting freeze-dried candy, we were excited to share it with the world. We invested in a large Harvest Right freeze dryer that is well known to dry foods in a way that retains their original flavour, colour, and nearly all of its nutrients. It does this in three steps.


  1. First, the candy is frozen to an extreme temperature as low as -45°C (-50°F). This causes the water in the candy to crystallize into ice. 
  2. In the second step of the process, the candy is passed under a high-pressure vacuum chamber. This causes the ice to turn directly into a vapour. This procedure removes about 95% of the water content.
  3. In the final part of the process, more high pressure is applied to remove any remaining moisture, so the candy is completely dry. 

Make Lyfe a Little Sweeter

With our new machine on hand, we began our quest to introduce freeze-dried treats to customers just like you.

Freeze-Dried Candies

We experimented with different sweet treats. Freeze-dried Skittles, Milk Duds, Jolly Ranchers, and Starburst all take on a new life once they go through the freeze-drying process. They become a completely new snack with a more concentrated flavour. 

Freeze-Dried Desserts

Did you know that you can also freeze dry ice cream? Who would have thought that you could indulge in such a tasty treat that doesn't actually melt in the sun? The only place where this ice cream treat melts is in your mouth. 

We even freeze-dried a bit of honey to see what would happen. We ended up with a beautiful honey-coloured crumb that was crisp, light, and totally delicious. 

Healthy Treats

After working with candies, we wanted to offer our customers a healthy snack option. We had tasted dehydrated fruits and vegetables, so how would freeze-dried fruits compare? 

Just as with candies, freeze-dried fruit is very light and crispy and has an intensely concentrated flavour. And the best part is that it retains nearly all of its nutrients for a healthy snack.

We also introduced our B*tch Water lemon and lime slices to give you a healthy way to stay hydrated. Simply drop a slice or two into a glass of water and enjoy.

Long Lasting Treats

The chances are that if they are in your pantry, they won't last long because everyone will want to devour them! But an interesting fact about freeze-dried products over the original version is that they can last for years! A well-packaged freeze-dried product can last for up to 25 years!

Possibilities for the Future 

Food is a major source of pleasure for many of us, and freeze-dried foods provide a new taste experience for your palate. We love introducing new freeze-dried foods and are looking to soon expand our selection of products.

If you are interested in learning more about our products, check out our FAQ or send us an email. 

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