The History of Freeze Dried Candy: From NASA to the Masses

The History of Freeze Dried Candy: From NASA to the Masses

It seems like freeze-dried candy is almost everywhere nowadays! And no wonder – freeze-dried candy is mouth-wateringly tasty. With its unique texture and enhanced flavour, everyone and their mother is snacking on freeze-dried treats. 

But when was freeze-drying invented? How did it become so popular? If you love freeze-dried candy like us, keep reading this blog to find out the surprising history of freeze-dried candy and snacks – from NASA to the masses! 

Although freeze-drying has become more of a trend in recent years, it actually has a very long history, spanning back centuries. Freeze-drying dates back all the way to the 13th century, when the Incas would use an early version of freeze-drying to preserve potatoes. 

However, most people refer to World War II as the time when freeze-drying as we know it began. In World War II, people needed a way to transport blood serum and penicillin to help wounded soldiers. Blood serum and penicillin were difficult to transport throughout the war, as they needed to be refrigerated while being transported. But hey, necessity is the mother of invention! 

This is where freeze-drying came in. Though freeze-drying was first patented in 1906 by Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval, World War II is when companies began using the technique on a large scale to freeze-dry medical supplies. By freeze-drying blood serum and other medical supplies, they no longer needed to be refrigerated, so people were able to transport these supplies around Europe to help those affected by the war. 

But you’re probably wondering – how did freeze-drying go from a medical invention to a snacking craze? Well, slowly but surely, freeze-drying began to be used in other industries too. A big moment in freeze-drying history came in the 1960’s, when the space industry began to use freeze-drying to preserve food for astronauts. Freeze-dried food is lightweight, maintains about 97% of its original nutrients, and can last for years, which made it the perfect option for astronauts jetting off into space. 

The Whirlpool Corporation became a big player in the freeze-drying industry when they were hired by NASA to make freeze-dried ice cream. Though this ice cream never actually made it onto any of the rockets, this was a key moment in freeze-drying, marking its transition from a medical and aerospace invention to a foodie favourite. 

By the 1980’s, more and more companies started to produce freeze-dried candy and snacks. This was a refreshing moment for the snacking world, as freeze-drying opened up completely new possibilities for delicious treats. Freeze-dried candies last for years, and they’re ridiculously tasty. People quickly became obsessed! 

Which brings us to today, a time in which freeze-dried products are readily available to the masses. Many companies nowadays offer delicious freeze-dried candy, including us! Here at That Sweet Lyfe, we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best freeze-dried candy in Canada. From Skittles to Starburst, and lemons to limes, we’ve got it all. All you have to do is click ‘buy.’ 

Want to give freeze-dried candy a try? Check out our product pages to order your first batch today. With just one bite, you’ll see why freeze-drying has stuck around for so many years.
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