The Many Uses of Freeze-Dried Candy: From Snacking to Decorating

The Many Uses of Freeze-Dried Candy: From Snacking to Decorating

Something super fun about freeze-dried candy is its versatility! Its whimsical nature allows it to add excitement to many different situations. When you buy it, your favourite candies have been turned into fluffy and crunchy bite-sized pieces, and you are given the opportunity to experiment with the many different ways that dried candy can be used. Here are some of our favourite ways to use freeze-dried candy on special occasions and during everyday life!

A Tasty Snack for You and Your Friends

Fluffy, crunchy freeze-dried candy makes an excellent melt-in-your-mouth surprise to add to gift bags, party favours, or even to bring to parties or potlucks! There are so many possibilities—freeze-dried jolly ranchers could be an exciting new topping for a sundae-making party, the freeze-dried version of milk duds could be an easy and fun party favour for an upcoming wedding or birthday party, or dried candy corn can become a spooky new treat for trick-or-treaters or Halloween party guests.

Don’t stop with that list—keep brainstorming! They could be a good treat to bring hiking or to a sports game, or even to the movies. Whatever event you’re on your way to next, just slip a bag in your purse or backpack and off you go. When you have a craving for a boost of energy or something sweet, a fluffy and flavourful freeze-dried treat will be waiting for you.

Change up the Holiday Decor

Switch up your holiday decor—why not start a colourful and tasty new holiday tradition by decorating with multi-coloured freeze-dried skittles? Instead of draping a garland of popcorn across the Christmas tree, try stringing some freeze-dried skittles across instead! They will add a pop of colour to the tree, and when Christmas starts coming to an end, you can gather your family to eat the garland off the tree for a sweet new tradition! You could also try this with freeze-dried Hi-chews, starbursts, or saltwater taffy.

The bright colours of freeze-dried candy could be used in decorating holiday treats such as gingerbread people or gingerbread houses. Swap your gumdrops for freeze-dried skittles atop your gingerbread house roof or flanking the gingerbread walkway. Create an edible pastel Easter centrepiece, decorate a birthday cake, or create edible ornaments and arrangements! The only limit is your imagination.

Add Something Sweet and Fun to Your Baking

For a twist on your usual baking recipes, add freeze-dried candy to your cakes and cookies! Freeze-dried candies have a unique texture that adds wonder to any confection. The removal of moisture content during the freeze-drying process creates a light candy with a strong crunch that bursts with enhanced flavour. When you bite into a cookie, brownie, or cupcake and find a sweet surprise, you’ll want to add freeze-dried candy to all your baking!

Get Creative

What other possibilities can you think of for freeze-dried candy? We strongly encourage you to get creative and experiment because you might just come up with something amazing. Just start playing with the candy! Use them as prizes during games, hide them in your kids’ Easter eggs, bring them to a party, whip a fancy cocktail, or sneak them into the movie theatre! The possibilities are endless.

The Best Freeze-Dried Candy Around

Are you getting excited about freeze-dried candy? Luckily for you, That Sweet Lyfe has numerous selections of sweet treats for you to choose from! We love creating exciting and unique experiences with our candies, and we can’t wait to help create one with you! Order from That Sweet Lyfe today and embark on a tasty new adventure!
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