What Is the Difference Between Normal and Freeze Dried Candy?

What Is the Difference Between Normal and Freeze Dried Candy?

With freeze dried candies getting more and more popular in recent years, you may wonder how freeze dried candy is different from regular candy. In this blog post, we’re going to answer that question and recommend some soft candies that taste even better when freeze dried.

How Does Freeze Dried Candy Work?

The freeze drying process isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. In fact, it’s exactly as it sounds: freezing and drying! Completely frozen candy is placed under a special vacuum that removes nearly all water and other liquid solvents from the candy. The result is a flavour-blasted, airy, and crunchy treat! It’s a brand-new way to experience all your favourite types of candy, from Starbursts to taffy.

Types of Soft Candy That Taste Better Crunchy

That Sweet Lyfe has experimented with dozens of candies to create a definitive list of the best freeze-dried candy out there. Some soft candies just taste better with a crunch! If you’re new to the world of freeze drying, the following list of our favourite freeze dried candies is the perfect place to start.


After freeze-drying, Skittles lose their chewy texture and adopt a puffy, crunchy texture instead. These candies pack a powerful punch and make the perfect snack!

Salt Water Taffy

Ever wanted to experience the delicious flavour of salt water taffy without it getting stuck in your teeth? Freeze-drying salt water taffy intensifies the classic taste while providing a light, crunchy twist on the texture.

Hi Chews

A fresh spin on a classic treat, freeze-dried Hi Chews are crunchy and melt in your mouth for the perfect texture experience. Plus, they’re even tastier than ever, offering an intensely sweet experience.


Starbursts are an iconic treat; now, you can enjoy all their delicious flavours in a freeze-dried format. With intensified sweetness and a light texture, Starbursts are one of the most mouthwatering freeze-dried candies out there!


Nerd Clusters and Rope

Nerds created a fantastic texture combination when they created their Clusters and Ropes, taking their classic crunchy sweets and merging them with a delicious gummy. Freeze-drying gives them a melt-in-your-mouth, cotton candy-like feeling!

Freeze-Dried Candy

Want to try one of these delicious treats for yourself? Order your next batch of freeze dried candy from That Sweet Lyfe and experience a world of new flavour!


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