What Freeze-Drying Does to the Taste of Your Food

What Freeze-Drying Does to the Taste of Your Food

Freeze-drying is all the rage right now. And here at That Sweet Lyfe, we are freeze-drying fanatics!


Any candy or snack we love, we’ve put it in the freeze-dryer, and on this blog, you can find our reviews of each and every one – what ones worked, and what ones didn’t. We keep discovering new, delicious freeze-dried treats every week! 


But what exactly does freeze-dried food taste like? Does freeze-dried food taste good? If you’ve never had freeze-dried food before, you may be a bit wary to try it, as you don’t know what to expect.


Well, if that’s you, look no further! In this blog, we’ll break down exactly how freeze-drying changes the taste of your food, and you’ll be ordering your first batch in minutes.


In general, freeze-drying maintains relatively the same taste as the original product. The real impact on your eating experience is in the texture.


Freeze-drying is the process of removing all the moisture and water from a food (check out our blog on how this works!) When you remove the water content, it changes the texture of the food entirely. Tiny, crunchy Jolly Ranchers turn into golf-ball sized, airy bites. Soft gummi bears turn into crunchy candies. And chewy taffy turns into a crisp treat.


This is why we love freeze-drying. We really are candy lovers, but sometimes, even our favourite flavours can get a bit old at times. By freeze-drying our favourite candies and changing their texture, it’s like discovering a whole new treat!


Freeze-dried candies give you the same reliable flavour, but a new, fun way to enjoy them. In fact, sometimes freeze-drying can even make food sweeter! By removing the water content, the sugars and sweet flavours get their chance in the spotlight – as if candy couldn’t get any better.


The freeze-drying process can also help make the flavour last longer. If you read our blog post on freeze-dried lemons, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. We put our freeze-dried slices in water, and the flavour lasted for several refills, unlike normal lemon slices that you have to keep changing out. So if you’re looking to make flavour last, consider freeze-drying! 


Overall, freeze-drying is the perfect way to continue enjoying your favourite treats without ever getting bored of them. You can count on the same flavour you know and love and experience a whole new texture at the same time.


Are you ready to dive into the world of freeze-dried treats? If so, use our website to order your first batch today, and follow along on our blog to stay up to date on all of our freeze-drying adventures.

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