Freeze Dried Candy: A Halloween Like Never Before

Freeze Dried Candy: A Halloween Like Never Before

Halloween is only a few days away, so you’re probably in full-on preparation mode. You’ve decorated your house, collected the candies to give out to trick-or-treaters, and have the perfect Halloween playlist ready to blast as they knock on your door. But there’s one thing you probably didn’t realize you’re missing – freeze dried candy.


Freeze dried candy is the key to upleveling your Halloween game. In this blog, we’re breaking down 3 reasons why you should consider freeze drying this spooky season for a Halloween you’ll remember forever. 


#1: Stand Out

There’s a strange sense of pride that comes from being the favourite house for trick-or-treaters. If you want to be that house on the block, freeze dried candy is the answer.


Your neighbours will likely all be handing out the same candies and chocolates. Though we can’t deny these are yummy, try shaking things up by passing out freeze dried candies. The kids will love it, we promise! They’ll get all the flavour, with a fun new twist, and you’ll be remembered as the best house in no time.


#2: So Many Options

The great thing about freeze dried candy is just how many different options there are for what you can freeze dry. Normally, people hand out mini candy bars or pre-packaged gummies, but if you opt for freeze dried candy, you have a whole new world of taste available.


Aren’t sure which candies are the best? Don’t worry, here at That Sweet Lyfe, we’ve tried just about everything, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Some of our favourites are Skittles, Hi-Chews, Jolly Ranchers, and Salt Water Taffy. Be sure to read our blogs on each of these candies to hear all the juicy details about how they turned out.


Rather than just buying those standard Halloween boxes of mini candy bars, try freeze drying the candies listed above. Pop them in your freeze dryer, mix and match them in a cute Halloween plastic baggy, and watch the look of wonder on the trick-or-treaters’ faces.


#3: Halloween All Year Long

Freeze drying is also the perfect way to make your favourite Halloween candies last year-round. Did you know that freeze drying can extend the shelf life of candy up to 25 years? If you somehow manage not to munch on all the candies this Halloween night, try freeze drying them so you can indulge for months and years post-Halloween.


Plus, freeze drying is great for everyone – not just for those who are handing out candy. If you’re not handing out candy this year, you still deserve some sweet treats. Consider freeze drying your favourite candies or better yet, ordering a batch directly from That Sweet Lyfe to celebrate this Halloween season!


With That Sweet Lyfe freeze dried products, this Halloween season will be perfectly tasty. Browse our website to see our available products, and be sure to follow along on our blog to stay up to date on all things freeze dried. Happy Halloween!

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