From Sour to Sweet: A Guide to Our Freeze-Dried Candy Flavor Options

From Sour to Sweet: A Guide to Our Freeze-Dried Candy Flavor Options

Freeze-Dried food is growing in popularity all over social media and the world. While it was invented back in 1906, it has since grown into a prosperous and booming industry. 

Virtually any food can be freeze-dried nowadays, including candy. Whether you are enjoying it as an everyday snack, giving it away to friends or family as gifts, or adding a little fun to your everyday eating, freeze-dried candy is for everyone. Let's explore the kinds of candy that can be freeze-dried and how they can change the way you consume these sweet treats.

What Kinds of Candy Can Be Freeze-Dried?

The beautiful thing about freeze-drying is that nearly any candy will work. Any of your favourites can turn into a new texturally fun food. The options are endless when working with freeze-dried candy. You can pick some of the top favourites; skittles, jolly ranchers, saltwater taffy, gummy bears, sour patch kids, milk duds, or starburst. 

Your choices are not limited to those selections either. Take your cherished sweets and turn them into freeze-dried delights. Try out licorice, bottle caps, or bubble gum. You can even go nostalgic and choose the candies you loved as a kid.

Although most candies taste excellent when freeze-dried, there are some exceptions, including pure chocolate. Typically, the higher the oil content, the more difficult it is to go through the freeze-drying process, and it will likely turn out poorly. 

How Does Candy Change After Freeze-Drying?

One of the essential parts of candy is the flavour. When eating a sour patch kid, you expect that bite of sourness followed by the powerful sweetness of the fruits. You may be wondering if freeze-drying takes any of that taste away. 

Luckily, freeze-drying is known to keep the taste of the food intact. All nutritional value stays the same before and after the drying process. In fact, due to its extended shelf-life of up to 25 years, it can keep the flavour of your candy sour & sweet for even longer. The most drastic change is the texture of your candy

Since this technique removes the moisture from the candy, the product will come out puffed and crunchy. For many, this change in texture is a major plus, and with the enjoyable taste of your favourite candies, you can't go wrong. 

What Candy Is Best Freeze-Dried? 

With so many choices, what candy is the best? Typically candies that work well are chewy or filled with caramel, as these have the biggest transformation and the best crunch. At That Sweet Lyfe, there are a few fan favourites to help with your selection. 

  1. Gummy Bears: A treat that is normally squishy and chewy but even more fantastic with a bit of crunch. Any flavour is good. Why not try them all?  
  2. Hi Hi Crunch: Imagine the delectable taste of Hi Chews with a satisfying crunch.
  3. Salt Water Taffy: The delicious salt water taffy tastes without the added dental mess.


Where to Get the Freeze-Dried Candy of Your Dreams? 

If you're someone with a large sweet tooth and can't find an answer to your google searches of "freeze-dried candy near me," look no further than That Sweet Lyfe. At That Sweet Lyfe, adventure and fun is our goal with our creations. Make your day that much sweeter with a selection of our delicious treats. If you are dying to know more about freeze-dried candy, contact us for more information.
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